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My name is Elena Korshunova. I was born in Russia, but last 15 years lived in the Netherlands. I studied and worked a lot in IT. Till certain moment I...

James Redmon

Hi, my name is James Redmon and I have been practicing Qigong for a little over a year now. When I first became interested in Qigong, I came across s...

Philine Klingel


I have just started the 5 elements course and I am moved to tears by how much depth and expertise you have put this course together. I have been...

My name is Edward Ha, and I'm a tattoo artist from Los Angeles, CA. Where do I begin? This White Tiger Qigong 5 animal qigong teacher tr...

I would say for me the 5 Elements was the most challenging of the 3 teacher training modules I have now completed.
So I am still in P...

Over the past 25 years, I have been a Fitness/Lifestyle coach to many clients ranging from high risk, special needs, paraplegic, elite athletes, mo...

My name is Kimberly. I am a school psychology specialist with a masters in psychology  

I am a web content strategist. Two years ago, I left the corporate world and decided to dive into practices that deliver meaningful results. On my ...

I am an Acupuncturist, Mom, Student, and Happy

Wanderer. I love my life, and I’m grateful for all my blessings. I own a

practice with...


New Caledonia

5 Element Qigong Online Course

I have been practicing White Tiger Qigong for four months now and it is very beneficial for me. Suffering from various ailments (fatigue, headaches...

Véronique C.


8 Trigram Organ Qigong Online Course

I have a physical disability and I tend to be closed up. Thanks to the practice of this Qi Gong I stand up, I feel more deeply opened. Despite havin...

Nadia IsaenNadia Isaenkoko


8 Trigram Organ Qigong eBook

Tevia is one of the best teachers I met. I had several classes a week with him during July-August, 2013. He is very talented as a teacher (and I know ...

Doriane Gillet


8 Trigram Organ Qigong Online Course

"Tevia is one-of-a-kind teacher and I recommend to anyone wanting to know more about Qi Gong, to improve his/her own practice, or to discover Qi Gong,...

Thea Fruelund Nejsum


Qigong for Back Pain Online Course

For years i have known of the word Qi gong but never really known what it was. So about 6 months ago i discovered it via Youtube. I have just tried it...

Sylwester Organka


Primordial Breath Qigong Online Course

After three amazing and intensive weeks in Thailand, I have finally completed my level 3 training in White Tiger Qigong. A HUGE thank you goes to Shif...

Arpi Pergher


8 Trigram Organ Qigong Online Course

I was looking for a combination of Qigong training and TCM treatment. Due to my network search I found White Tiger Qigong and knew this was the perfec...

David Wilson


5 Element Qigong Online Course

My initial reasons for wanting to study and practice Qigong were to support my own rehabilitation post-knee surgery, whilst pursuing my desire to trai...

Jim Angell


Primordial Breath Qigong Online Course

I attended Tevia's Qigong course at the Yoga Barn at the end of Feb this year. I'm happy to say that all your teaching stuck and I now practice the sn...

Megan Ward


5 Animal Qigong Online Course

“I have been teaching yoga for almost twenty years and during this time I have continued to question, develop my knowledge, and embody the practices...

Sarah Divine


5 Animal Qigong eBook

From participating in Master Tevia Feng’s White Tiger Qi Gong teacher training course, I have learnt more about my body’s capabilities than ever b...

Robert Seelig

Psychologist - USA

I recently completed an intensive 3 week Qi Gong class with master teacher Tevia Feng. If you ever want to learn Qi Qong from a fabulous teacher look ...

Kamau Bakari Abayomi


Just finished a 5 day immersion in 5 elements Qi Gong with the powerhouse of a brother, Tevia Feng. The man is a gold mine of knowledge and experience...

Julie Francotte


I have been to China to train Qigong and Kungfu, but Tevia's training was so much more detailed and thorough explanations that I never got before. I l...