Mindfulness and Meditation Qigong

The ancient art of Qigong has incorporated mindfulness into its practices for over two thousand years, teaching students to channel Qi energy into a harmony of mind, body and breath. Today, mindfulness techniques, from breathing to meditation, are sought-after by many in the western world. Based upon the traditional practice of “conscious breathing”, White Tiger Qigong meditation revolutionises mindfulness techniques to help tackle the stresses of everyday life.  Through mindful breathing and Qigong meditation, our practices teach you how to de-stress, maintain focus, and unlock your life’s potential.

What are the benefits of Qigong meditation?

Reduces Stress & Anxiety 

Promotes Positive Decesion-Making

Increases Emotional & Spatial Awareness

Increases Concentration & Mental Agility

Sharpens Focus & Memory

Restores & Increases Energy Levels

Enhances Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Harmonizes Mind, Body & Breath

Mindful breathing is at the heart of White Tiger Qigong meditation

Mindful breathing is a synthesis of breath and movement. Ancient teachers of Qigong believed that certain breathing techniques could improve and enhance a person’s wellbeing. White Tiger Qigong teaches 8 foundational breathing techniques — from primordial breath and gate breathing to Qi pressure breath — to help you to slowly and skillfully harness the power of your body.

Qigong meditation also possesses many healing properties, helping you to reconnect with your body’s natural rhythms, decrease stress, and reduce rumination by cultivating Qi energy. By learning to breathe mindfully, not only can you improve your physical and mental wellbeing, but it can also unlock your awareness of the world around you. White Tiger Qigong techniques can help you to remain grounded in the present, allowing you to fully experience each moment.

Enjoy our insight on meditation techniques in qigong, whilst achieving mindfulness

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Do you want to become a certified Qigong practitioner? We can help!

Our unique, one-of-a-kind program goes deep into Qigong development. We will teach and guide you on how you can heal yourself and others through regular Qigong practices. You will learn specific exercises for various organ issues, diseases and other ailments.

Who can learn mindfulness through Qigong meditation?

It is never too late or too early to start learning Qigong!

We don’t become mindful simply through reading about it: the best way to improve mindfulness is through training and training. White Tiger Qigong courses are universally designed to teach mindfulness techniques at any level. Whether you are looking for Qigong for beginners, or want to enhance your skills through a Qigong teacher training course, our Qigong master Tevia Feng is ready to help you unlock your potential.

Medical Course

Why choose White Tiger Qigong Courses?

White Tiger Qigong is the pioneer revolutionising traditional Qigong techniques, coupled with sports science, fascia research, Chinese Medicine and anatomy for the western world. We offer the most in comprehensive and depth medical Qigong training in Asia in the English language. With qualified Qigong instructors situated all around the world and global Qigong events running throughout the year, our Qigong courses make it easier than ever to access this ancient art. Simply contact us today to begin your journey toward a more mindful you.   

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