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5 Elements

5 Elements Qigong We all are familiar with the concept of the 5 Elements. These Elements are the elements that we can...

Qigong for Combat Sports

When we talk about Qigong, it does not always connect to Combat sport or martial arts. I tried searching Qigong...

Qigong For Lower Body

In Today's society, we are compelled to sit most of the time -sitting in front of our computers or glued...
lower digestive system

Physiology and Qigong

Do Physiology and Qigong relate to each other? One of the most questions we get is "What makes White Tiger...
Meridian TCM lower ext.

Beginner’s guide to Meridian Qigong

There are a lot of ways to practice qigong efficiently, but what if, I'm a beginner? What should I do...

Qigong For Neck Tension Relief

Do you experience tension in your neck? We have an answer for that! So what kind of Qigong form can...

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