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Body Breath Spirit

Qigong practice is a very powerful exercise and skill that can help harmonize your body, breath, and spirit and fill your organs and meridians with fresh healing Qi energy. Furthermore, breath is an important link between body and mind, and a major component of guiding Qi energy.

The below 8 Method Qigong Breathing and Meditation Curriculum will help you not only in your movements, but help you learn how to take deeper breaths, increasing oxygen levels in your blood.

8 Method Qigong Breathing Technique and Meditation Curriculum

In this system, there are 64 Qigong Breathing Methods with 8 foundational Qigong breathing techniques. Each Qigong breathing exercise method has its own purpose and benefits.

Cleansing Breath

This breath will aid the practitioner in cleansing the lungs, emotions and mind.

Filling Breath

This breath will aid the practitioner in increasing the lung capacity to be able to send maximum Qi flow to any part of the body they wish. The student will discover how to fill their entire body with the breath.

Qi Pressure Breath

In this breathing Qigong technique the practitioner will discover how to pressurise their Qi inside their body creating a pressurisation of Qi in the body. This can then be used to “cook” the Qi inside the body and create very powerful Qi circulation throughout the meridian system.

Gate Breathing

These Qigong breathing techniques will teach the practitioner how to move their Qi to the 4 Gates of the body which are the 2 hands and 2 feet. Four Gate Qigong Breathing has been widely used throughout the history of China for different purposes of Qigong practice. Regardless of what Qigong you are practicing, you can benefit from this breathing technique by doing it on its own or together with other Qigong forms and movements. Once the practitioner becomes proficient in this, they will add the 5th Gate. There are a total of 8 Gates.

Golden Elixir Breathing

Once regarded in Chinese Qigong as a secret, now it is widely used in Medical Qigong and other healing Qigong practices. Here you use the power of saliva with special breathing techniques to heal and strengthen the body.

Primordial Breath

Learning to synchronize the breath with the contraction and expansion of the 3rd eye and lower Dan Tian (energy center) will aid the practitioner in exploring new levels of consciousness. Primordial Breathing is part of Static (Nei Dan) Sitting Qigong. Also known as Embryonic Breathing, primordial breathing takes effort and time. Before you can proceed with this practice, you have to learn how to control your abdominal muscles, as well as master Normal Abdominal Breathing and Reverse Abdominal Breathing.

Traditional Microcosmic Orbit

This will be an introduction to an ancient and advanced Qigong Meditation and Breathing exercise. This will be only an introduction as it requires an advanced level in the Primordial Breath.

Suction Breathing Method

Once the student completes the above breaths then they can discover this secret breath that is meant for only advanced Qigong practitioners.

Once you have become proficient in the various breathing techniques then the next stage is to start to combine these breaths to create new breathing techniques. An example of this is the highly secretive and well guarded White Tiger Breath. It combines Primordial Breath, Golden Elixir Breath, Qi Pressure Breath and at the more advanced stages, Suction Breathing.

As you can see from above, there are different variations of Qigong breathing in order to achieve different effects. Some breaths are deep, slow and long. Some start with a long inhalation and short inhalation. Some have maximum inhalation and maximum exhalation, depending on what you want to achieve. In some instances, you will breathe as slow as possible and other times, you’ll be intensely breathing. In sum, the variation and changing of the breathing pattern changes the outcome.

Furthermore, by gaining mastery of this system you could potentially gain mastery to the inner workings of the body in a way that has not been explored by science yet.

Want to learn the Method Qigong Breathing?