Mobility Qigong

Lifting heavier or running further are familiar goals in the world of Western fitness – but while these are important, there’s a vital aspect we often overlook: our mobility. In this in-depth series, you will come to understand how important mobility is to improve balance, core strength, and prevent injury. We will also introduce you to the time-honoured physical, breathing, and mindful practices of Qigong, and how these train you to become flexible, strong, and fluid all at the same time. Discover full explanations of White Tiger Qigong exercises throughout this series, which you can incorporate into your training and recovery sessions and continue achieving your goals.

What are the benefits of Mobility Qigong?

Promotes proper form

Prevents and heals injuries

Cultivates full ROM (range of motion)

Shortens recovery time

Enhances core strength

Develops balance

Channels serious mental focus

Improves breathing capacity

Enjoy our insight on mobility techniques in qigong - helping you to improve balance, core strength & prevent injury

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Why mobility training is vital for HIIT athletes, and how Qigong helps

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How Qigong improves mobility between workouts

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Conditioning athletes: how to train mobility with Qigong

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Why Strength Training Athletes should try Qigong for Mobility

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Why Qigong stretches will improve your flexibility, fast

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Mobility vs. Flexibility: are they the same?

You’ve probably heard that developing your flexibility and mobility should be added to your fitness goals, to improve athletic performance, encourage...

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