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White Tiger Qigong's Master Instructor & Founder

Born with chronic illness and suffering he began practicing martial arts, Qigong and meditation at the age of 7 to heal himself. As a student of Qigong, he journeyed all around China and the world seeking the greatest masters including northwestern part of Hubei, Beijing and Southern China, where he met and trained extensively with several true Qigong masters.

Throughout his journey, he has met many Qigong masters around the world, acquiring rare skills, from unique breathing techniques and exercises to delving into the heart of Qi energy. Each master has shaped the Qigong training he teaches today....

He has since been published featured articles in the largest Qigong Magazine in the world. He has published 3 books on Qigong and has books translated into multiple languages. He has been named one of the top 3 Qigong masters in Indonesia.

As the Qigong master instructor of White Tiger Qigong, he has taught over 8,000 students from around the world, in countries including China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Australia, and the US. White Tiger has almost 60,000 subscribers. He has worked closely with terminally ill individuals to professional athletes, ballet dancers, the North American Muay Thai champion, the 2019 female Karate world champion, martial arts champions, yoga instructors, hedge fund managers, political figures, military elite, UHNWI, circus performers, health care professionals, psychologists, medical doctors and more.

Through White Tiger, his mission is to open the pathway for people to ignite transformation and maximize potential, scaling across communities creating a global movement of a shift in consciousness to create a global healing.

Qigong Teacher Training with Tevia Feng

A Lifelong Practitioner of Qigong and Internal Martial Arts

He has lived and traveled throughout China from Beijing to Taiwan studying in various martial art forms including rare forms of

While in China he also studied at multiple Taoist monasteries and temples. He learned additional martial art forms with various masters, hermits and Taoist masters studying:

“Qigong has been with me through thick and thin. It has helped carry me through the darkest of times and been with me in my times of joy. When I am over anxious it relaxes me. When I am angry it calms my heart. When I am fearful, it transforms into courage. I have used it as a system of whole body exercise that is both internal and external. I use it as a system of detox and to keep my body in optimal condition. Through Qigong I connect with a deeper universal energy that exists in all living things. I absorb Qi from the beautiful nature around me becoming one with it.”

Trained with these Masters of Qigong and Internal Martial Arts

Tevia Feng has since studied with a variety of masters including, but not limited to:

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