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Elena Korshunova

Course: Date: 31 August 2023 Comments: Comments Off on Elena Korshunova

My name is Elena Korshunova. I was born in Russia, but last 15 years lived in the Netherlands. I studied and worked a lot in IT. Till certain moment I didn’t pay much attention to my health and got quite typical problems like pain in the beck because of herniated discs, migraines, etc. So, I started to investigate what could I do to improve my health in body and mind. I became interested in modern dance, yoga, pilates and healthy food. All these activities helped me a lot to strengthen my body. Couple of years ago my husband discovered White Tiger Qigong. He finished the study for 8 Trigram and is doing now 5 Elements program. I tried different Qigong exercises together with him and liked it a lot, especially because they were focusing not only on the body, but also breath and spirit. Because of the stress at work I was often in sympathetic state and couldn’t sleep and relax properly. I saw that Qigong could help me with it. From all Qigong exercises I tried, I enjoyed most Meridian Qigong. Maybe because exercises didn’t seem difficult to do, but they formed the smooth flow, which touched on all parts of the body. So, I decided to study Meridian Qigong in depth and joined the program. And it was a great journey till now! I learned about so many details that help me to do my Meridian Qigong practice properly. I could feel how applying breathing techniques, shock absorption/rebound, coiling/uncoiling allow me to go deeper into the practice and get more benefits from it. I could also experience how different rhythm, place, time influences the practice. All these aspects are explained in details in the program by combining theoretical knowledge with practice and live sessions from Tevia, Natalia and Matthew.

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