Arpi Pergher

I was looking for a combination of Qigong training and TCM treatment. Due to my network search I found White Tiger Qigong and knew this was the perfect combination … and yet in my beloved tropics, Bali. From the first moment Tevia and I first met, the “chemistry” fit. We reviewed my needs and goals and started with a two week daily Qi Gong training combined with Acu-Ssage massages. Tevia works with a clear and serious structure, he corrects, repeat s… always with a laugh and space for questions.

His expertise is more than impressive. He remains permanently focused on the needs and learning objectives, and leads day by day deeper into their own energy work. That means: daily a progress. Tevia’s teaching work is far from pseudomonas school hours in Qi Gong. He goes much further and every person who is sensitive to such an energy work can be simply very happy with Tevia as Master. After 2 weeks training: by working with Tevia we were able to significantly reduce my discomfort, which of course makes me very happy and motivated. I am aware that two weeks is a very short time, not enough. So we have an optimisation potential that is on me: regular

Qi Gong exercise and the goal: if I would have the opportunity, I would simply book the next flight to Bali and ask Master Tevia for another 60 to 90 day training in Qi Gong and Acu-Ssage massage. That would be great!

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