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What Is Qigong? | The Forms & Benefits

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Every time we open a course, 10% of the inquiries usually ask, “What differs between the systems?”. The White Tiger Qigong forms and benefits we have are uniquely made by Tevia Feng, our founder, and Master Instructor. All throughout the years, this “system” has evolved constantly. Many wonderful ideas, concepts, and changes have developed. Some unfold to bigger courses and some progressing to a more focused and subject-oriented course. However, despite the changes, we see to it that everything you learn from White Tiger Qigong is authentic, knowledgeable, and worth every penny!

What is the White Tiger Qigong System made up?

White Tiger Qigong has a system called Trinity System. The system is a Taoist Qigong exercise that mixes the body, the breath, and the mind. This system has 3 branches, the 5 Element Qigong5 Animal Qigong and 8 Trigram Organ Qigong. These three branches are different but somehow the intention connects with each other. So, what are these 3 systems unique, and how can we use their benefits?

What is 8 Trigram Organ Qigong?

The 8 Trigram is based on the Daoist belief, the 8 Gates or Energies also known as the Bagua (Ba= eight; areas (guas). Since Qigong is a skill (gong) of “Qi” which is energy, 8 trigram is the way to focus this energy within the body.

white Tiger qigong system
yin is described with two short lines, yang is described as one continuous line, showing lines in all directions.
Bagua Yin Yang

Yin and Yang (the circle in the middle) is the union of opposites energies. Each complements the other, thus none of it is greater than the other. They create a continuous flow, following each other. Thus, the idea of “where there is light, there is dark.

How can we use this?

The Eight Trigram has 64 hexagrams, implying all possible outcomes and events of the world. There are certain times of the day and certain times of the year where we have more Yin or more Yang energy. That is why we use an Organ Qi Clock to maximize our practices. Static Qigong is more Yin, while Dynamic Qigong is more Yang. Dynamic Qigong is used to drain excess; static Qigong nourishes deficiency.

The 8 Trigram qigong is our “most recommended” course to start with because the forms and stances are very soft and easy in terms of complexity. This course is very dynamic, smooth, and has flowy forms, almost like a dragon dance. This offers very gentle yet effective massages of the organs through the rhythmic flow of exercises.

What is 5 Element Organ Qigong?

Organ Qi Clock

The Five Elements is actually kind of linked with 8 Trigrams. The 5 Elements symbolize the Elements that the energies produce in Bagua. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that if the body is in balance then we can heal our body naturally and restore harmony and health. Taoist theory has a cycle and patterns just like the nature around us. The same with the seasons, our body changes too.

When checking at the human body, the organs relate to the elements. When the two primary forces the yin and the yang are in balance inside the body, all organs function well and in harmony too. 

What’s connection?

In the 5 Element course, you will learn about the way energy “qi” moves to the organs through Meridians in our body. By tapping and using these channels using the White Tiger Qigong system, healing is easy. 5 Element organ Qigong is a powerful form that is dynamically deep, unlike 8 Trigrams. This is distinguished by deep, strong stances, along with deep twists and turns. This also has long slow meditative breaths, with special breathing techniques along with deep stances. Using the 5 Elements in your practice promotes longevity and happiness and emotional balance.

5 Animal Qigong

In the 5 Elements, we understand the energy flow. However, we did not mention that the 5 elements are represented with 5 different animals. The focus of the 5 Animal Qigong practice is very specific to the animals it is representing. By targeting the organs, with specific movements, the five animal forms will allow your body to have a more relaxed mood and a healthy, positive, and synchronized mind, body, and spirit.

The 5 animals has 4 different forms laid out in seasons (summer, spring, winter and fall) Thus, there are 20 total forms. It is the most dynamic of 3 Qigong systems and has the most variety of movements. That is why, this is called a “walking qigong”. The movements are almost always walking with a mixture of deep, twisting and turning that deeply massages the organs and releases energy.

So Why White Tiger Qigong system?

For over 5,000 years, Qigong has provided practitioners with techniques for boosting mobility, relaxation, strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. White Tiger Qigong system is a modern form of Qigong, focusing on modern science, fascia, human anatomy, and the ancient Taoist Qigong practices and Chinese medicine. Along with the wisdom of traditional and modern elements fused together, White Tiger Qigong has effectively updated the practices to meet our views of both worlds. All this while offering ways to transcend this world through ancient philosophy and spiritual understanding. 

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