Trinity System Chinese Medicine Online Course


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Are you applying Chinese Medicine to your practice? Add a whole new dimension to your knowledge and practice and gain inside knowledge on Chinese Medicine with White Tiger Qigong Trinity System’s Chinese Medicine Online Course. Having an understanding of the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine will change the way you see your body and health. Chinese Medicine has been used for thousands of years as a form of natural, alternative health care and now you can learn it from the comfort of your own home.
Course Content Includes:
  • The Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine
    • Yin and Yang
    • 3 Dan Tians
    • 3 Treasures
    • Organ Qi Clock
  • The 5 Elements and Theory
  • The Meridians
    • 12 Meridians
    • Extra Meridians
Includes Downloadable PDFs
*This course is a prerequisite to the Trinity System Qigong Prescriptions Course.
About The Instructor: Zoe Nash
Zoe Nash is a professional traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner with 10 years experience, and beginning her lifelong dedication with studies in 2001. Deeply passionate about holistic health, her mission is to inspire her others to care for themselves skillfully and compassionately in order to inhabit their highest, most vital expression. As a practitioner, she is devoted to continually developing her capacities for leadership in order to best support others to reclaim their lives and health as a joyful celebration. Her passion for Chinese Medicine, and enquiry of how to deepen her understanding of Qi, and how to empower others to take their health in their own hands – lead her to Qi Gong, being the foundation of this ancient medicine system. Now a certified instructor from White Tiger Qi Gong, Zoe is enthusiastic to share these great self -healing practices through this medical Qi Gong system to others to empower them to maximum health, vitality and longevity. Zoe travels throughout Europe and Asia offering her highly-sought services as a multi-modality practitioner and is available for Qi Gong classes privately and within retreats.