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Yin and Yang: Adjusting Qigong Practice Based on the Seasons

Category: Date: 5 January 2017 Comments: 2

As you might already know, everything seeks to stay in balance. Yin and Yang coexist in harmony. If there is no harmony, storms will come (and the word “storms” is not used in its literal meaning here). Human body works according to the same principles. It is important to maintain inner balance, and Qigong training practice can help us achieve this unity of the body, mind and spirit. However, you should remember that our inner balance is also affected by the external factors. Being a part of nature, we are influenced by its changing conditions. Different seasons can carry more Yin or more Yang energy. Adjusting our Qigong training practice in accordance with the seasons may further increase the benefits we are getting from it.

Four seasons spring, summer, fall and winter, have a prevailing energy. Summer and spring are Yang seasons, with summer being an ultimate Yang. Fall and winter, on the other hand, are Yin seasons, with winter being an ultimate Yin. Knowing this, we can adjust our Qigong training practice to nourish a prevailing energy and enrich a lacking one.

Enriching Yin during Summer and Spring

During summer and spring, we should try to get more Yin energy from our Qigong training. The best way to achieve that is to practice static Qigong at these times. As our body tends to be warmer and easier to open up, you can do more Dao Yin and stretching exercises, and avoid sweating too much. It is also recommended to regularly do Golden Elixir practice, especially during summer.

Golden Elixir Practice Instructions:

When inhaling, raise the tongue up, gently pressing it to the roof of the mouth. When exhaling, lower the tongue. If you do a breath hold, keep it pressed to the roof of your mouth until you begin to exhale. When you gather enough saliva and you begin to exhale, swallow the saliva and guide it into the lower Dan Tian to replenish the Jing (life Essence) and mix water and fire.

Enriching Yin energy during summer and spring will help you to protect your heart and liver.

Enriching Yang during Winter and Fall

During winter and fall, we should try to get more Yang energy from our Qigong training. The best way to do that is to practice dynamic Qigong during these seasons. As the risk of getting injury increases, do more strengthening exercises such as Five Element Qigong training practice, and make sure you warm up your body sufficiently every time. It is also recommended to do more Holding Breath practice, especially during winter.

Holding Breath Practice Instructions:

Breathe in deeply through your nose, inhaling warm energy into the crown of the head, and imagine this energy moving down and filling the Lower Dan Tian. Gently hold your breath for a short while and feel a ball of fire there. Then, slowly exhale through your mouth feeling the heat spreading throughout the whole body. Do several repetitions.

Enriching Yang during winter and fall will help you protect kidneys and lungs.

Thus, while practicing Qigong, adapt your training to the environment around you. This will help you prevent overheating your body or not heating it enough, and will allow you benefitting most from your Qigong training practice.

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