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Monkey Qigong to Squeeze Out The Liver and Anger

Category: Date: 21 September 2017 Comments: 1

Monkey Qigong of 5 Animals Qigong = Wood-Liver-Forgiveness

The Monkey is related to the Wood Element and is connected with anger. The playfulness of the monkey can transform even the angriest people.

The twisting in Level II of the Monkey gets a nice compression, followed by expansion of the sphere that the liver and spleen reside in. Not only do some of the movements of the Monkey target the liver, but the character and spirit too. The playfulness of the monkey relieves anger from the liver. Who can be angry when they are playful? Someone who is cunning does not have to be angry; they focus their energy into intelligence – they will find a way. Be light like a child, and playful.

Monkey level II: 望月猿 Wang Yue Yuan—Monkey Turns to Look at the Moon

Make sure the Yin Bai acupuncture point touches the ground. It also connects to the spleen meridian. All the weight is on one foot.


Begin with Opening 3 Times.

Body: All 4 fingers touch the thumb, which activates the acupuncture points in the fingertips.

Two hands touch at the index fingers.

Move the left foot, circling outwards and stepping forward. Then move the right foot, dragging it and circling.

The left hand comes behind you to rest with the back of the hand on the Ming Men at the Xuan Shu point, while the left hand is above your left ear.

At the same time, rotate deep to the maximum twist, looking up at the sky. With the fingers of your left hand, tap the acupuncture points above your ear on your head. Untwist and step out to the opposite side. Repeat this sequence on the other side.

Breath: Exhale as you twist and tap and inhale as you step.

Spirit: Feeling the agility and motion of the monkey, stop and look up at the beautiful moon. Tap your head as if trying to remember something.

For more detailed instructions see the book Five Animal Qigong

Anatomical and Physiological Benefits: Fascia/Anatomy

There is a side to side shift of legs and hips, and a need to stabilize through the outside leg with a deep rotation. This helps create a stable and dynamic balance in your legs and hips.

The rotation around the spine is highly beneficial. This Monkey twist has a deep torso rotation, which opens all four lines in upper body.

Neck Fascia and Connection to the Eyes

Chinese Medicine Relationship

Make sure the Yin Bai acupuncture point touches the ground. It also connects to the spleen meridian. It is good for the heart and eyes as it helps them relax. The playfulness of the Monkey form relieves heart fire. It also stretches and improves stiffness in the neck, and increases neck mobility.

Meridians/Acupuncture Points Targeted

  • Stimulates meridians and acupuncture points in the wrist. Meridians in the wrist get flexed when you tap.
  • Acupuncture point GB-9 Tian Zhong
  • Acupuncture point GB-8 Shuai Gu
  • Memory and sleep are improved by tapping these acupuncture points.
  • Improves heart-playfulness and relieves heart fire.
  • Utilizes a spinal twist, which is a good stretch for the spine.
  • Good for kidneys

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*This article is an excerpt from the book Five Animal Qigong

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