Regulating Water and Fire: Two Methods of Qigong Practice

One of the first things we teach all beginner Medical Qigong practitioners is the 14 Meridian Flow Qigong Set that allows us to open the 14 Meridians pathways (network of energy pathways that run through our body and connect to the organs) to remove any energy blockages. This prepares the body before doing other Medical Qigong sets, such as Organ and Bone Qigong. There are two primary ways of performing the 14 Meridian Flow Set, which are Water and Fire methods. It is essential to learn how to regulate these two opposites. 

The Water Method

The water method of Qigong training comprises flowing movements, slow and graceful. It is a yin practice, very calming and meditative one. Water method of training requires a lot of balancing exercises and a flowing way of breathing focusing more on inhalation. 

Water method nourishes our body. It replenishes Jing and builds reserves that can be stored in the body for future use. Water Qigong training is cooling and calming. It can improve circulation inside the body and develop slow-twitch muscles. It is best to practice when you feel fatigue, and is great for people who suffer from deficient Yin Jing i.e. they are chronically exhausted, have dark rings under their eyes, weak digestion, low resistance to infection, rapid aging and wrinkles on the skin.

Practice Keys: 

When you practice the water way, imagine your body is made of water. Then, your movements will be more natural. Your body should always be relaxed. Try to twist as deeply as you can and then wring out. Practice at your own unique rhythm and create a continuous cyclical flow of movements and breath. Never hold your breath.

The Fire Method

The Fire Qigong training movements are very sharp, penetrating, shooting and fast. The Fire Method is a yang practice. It is very intensive and releasing. The main emphasis here is on the exhalation, when the surge of Qi is directed to the extremities. The diseased Qi, excess energy or any energy stagnation in the meridians and organs can be released through this method. 

The Fire Method of Qigong training is very invigorating. It helps to increase creative energy, will power, sexual energy and athletic vigour. It can be used to heat the body and develop the fast-twitch muscles. The best time to practice fire Qigong is when you have restless feeling, anger or frustration.

Practice Keys:

When you practice the Fire method, imagine you are a flame. Move like the fire will move. Explode and release. Project Qi or fire from palms and feet and beyond. You can locate a target in front of you and imagine throwing your Qi at it.

Practice the Water Method Before the Fire Method

Before you can do Fire method of Qigong training, it is important to warm up the body first. That is why, we recommend to practice Water Method before going into the fiery movements. This will ensure your body is sufficiently warmed up and is loose enough to continue safely with the Fire practice. Always remember that the Fire Method is more advanced practice compared to the Water method. Therefore, make sure you are trained enough before going deep with this Qigong training practice.

Fourteen Meridian Qigong is a great foundation to any Medical Qigong or other Qigong practices. We are teaching these fourteen movements in our Level 1 Medical Qigong Training. You can visit White Tiger Qigong website for the details about all upcoming courses.

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  1. Mauricio Leon on June 1, 2018 at 10:39 pm

    Hi, nice post. My question is, is it possible to overcome a yin deficiency (a heart qi deficiency) by solely practicing qigong without resorting to another technique e.g. acupunture, herbs, etc?

    • Tevia Feng on June 11, 2018 at 8:23 pm

      That is a great question. This is a question that you should ask a Chinese Medicine doctor as every person’s condition is different. In Chinese Medicine there are many factors taken into effect, thus no real answer could be given until a full diagnosis has been given. If you come in September we will have a Chinese Medicine doctor on site.

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