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Medical Qigong Vs Qigong and Potential Qigong

Category: Date: 7 November 2017 Comments: 7
Many people ask me about Medical Qigong Vs Qigong or standard Qigong?
First, you must understand the purpose or goal of each style of Qigong before you embark on that path as different styles of Qigong have different purposes. One of the great modern fallacies is assuming all Qigong has the same purpose. In fact there are literally thousands of different styles of Qigong and hundreds if not thousands of different purposes.  Some Qigong is for martial purposes, some are for spiritual enlightenment. Some are for longevity, some are for maximum human potential. Even some Medical Qigong has a different purpose than other Medical Qigong. It is impossible for me to become an expert on so many different styles of Qigong and I am unqualified to answer such a broad question. What I can speak of and what I am an expert of is White Tiger Medical Qigong.

White Tiger Medical Qigong Vs Qigong

White Tiger Medical Qigong is how to apply Traditional Chinese Medicine to Qigong so you can use it to treat different ailments. Rather than doing just rote Qigong forms, you do just the forms that you need when you need it. Medical Qigong was created over 2000 years ago when Chinese Medicine doctors realized that their patients who were doing more dynamic Qigong were healing were healing much more quickly than those who did more static Qigong forms such as just standing and or sitting Qigong as their main practice. Thus, Hua Tuo developed the first official Medical Qigong form that is documented called the 5 Animal Qigong. It is known by other names such as Five Animal Sports, 5 Animal Frolics and other names. The form is extremely dynamic and designed to work on the organ systems of the body using their relationship to the 5 Elements. It also works on balancing the emotions as each animal form invokes different emotions according to the 5 Elements. Chinese Medicine Theory
Tiger/Metal-Works on opening the lungs to counter grief to bring in joy and happiness
Monkey/Wood- Creates laughter to counter anger
Bear/Spleen- Really roots into the ground to give you the feeling of support and nurturing of the earth to counter anxiety and worry
Crane/Heart- Works on focusing the spirit which is believed to release excess joy as even too much joy can be draining
In addition to the 5 Animal Medical Qigong form, White Tiger has other Medical Qigong forms such as 8 Trigram Organ Qigong and 5 Element Qigong.
Medical Qigong vs Qigong

Emotional Traumas Are Stored in The Fascia

Many emotional problems are stored in the internal organs so we work on squeezing this out. Only recently has modern science caught up with this ancient wisdom as fascia science has proven that emotional traumas are stored in the fascia. Fascia makes up the meridians and encapsulates the organs. The Qigong movements wring out the meridians like a towel and squeeze out the organs like a sponge, squeezing out old emotional traumas and daily emotions that would otherwise become pent up in the body causing additional stress and even worse if not dealt with, disease and cancer. In a world that is facing antibiotic resistance strains of viruses we need now more than ever a natural alternative to healing. White Tiger Medical Qigong brings an ancient style of Qigong and explains it with the modern science of fascia and anatomy to help people truly understand what they are doing.

Maximum Human Potential QigongPrimordial Qigong Breathing

According to our principles, once you are able to heal yourself and bring the body into balance, then you begin a stage of transformation. Once you have transformed yourself you can begin the stage of seeking maximum human potential.  This is really about finding out what you are capable of in this life. This area is an infinite abyss that only the very serious will embark on. It is my life path and one that takes creativity, along with dedication with the wisdom to stay in balance can achieve.
The difference between some maximum human potential schools of Qigong and White Tiger maximum human potential Qigong is that we seek our potential while staying in balance according to the theory of Yin and Yang. I have found some schools of maximum human potential, while they are able to attain amazing feats of abilities, they can burn out and even die at an early age. White Tiger Qigong abides by Taoist principles in that we only do Qigong that improves our health. If an exercise feels like it is doing any harm we don’t do it. It is that simple. White Tiger Qigong practitioners are seeking longevity, health and happiness in balance.
Now we have defined Medical Qigong Vs Qigong as well as Maximum Human Potential Qigong. Please let me know if you learned something from this article or leave a comment or question on Medical Qigong vs Qigong.
Explore the rest of our Qigong blog and begin your journey to tranquillity.

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  1. Unas on November 7, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    This article made it very clear to me which way I’d best for me on my path, it was very easy to comprehend, and now I know which way to go for sure and that is to achieve my maximum human potential safely lol thank you so much for this your soon to be student UNA’s.

    • Tevia Feng on November 7, 2017 at 5:12 pm

      Thank you, I hope to see you soon!

  2. Horacio Friedman on November 7, 2017 at 8:04 pm

    I am a Brazilian surgical pathologist deeply grateful for Qigong Masters since I have experienced much benefits even though my knowledge is rather limited and my practice is solitary and certainly quite primitive. Nevertheless, it makes me feel the Chi and convinces me about the relevance of the fascia and the connective tissue as a route for the energy. I shall be very grateful if you could be so kind as to inform how could I learn more from you and/or enjoy the privilege of your teachings.

    • Tevia Feng on December 9, 2017 at 1:25 pm

      Hi Horacio, thanks for your comment. I am so happy to share this with people like you. A good place to start is try one of our ebooks and or try an online course here prevsite.whitetigerqigong.com/event
      If you like it, join one of our live events.
      In Good Qi,

  3. Rudolf pecjak on November 7, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Very clear and helpful. Thank you!

  4. soraia on December 9, 2017 at 12:17 am

    Does this mean that medical qigong prepares also prepares us to achieve maximum human potential by helping us to heal and deal with our emotions?

    • Tevia Feng on December 9, 2017 at 1:13 pm

      Yes Soraia, you are correct in reference to White Tiger Medical Qigong.
      The first thing is healing and transformation, then finally you can explore human potential once you have sorted the emotions and can calm your mind.

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