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Heart Qigong

Category: Date: 22 June 2022 Comments: 0

In this blog we will talk about heart qigong exercises for best heart health. You can also check out the Fiery Qigong Flow for Healthy Heart by Effie, one of our White Tiger Qigong Instructors. In this vlog she shared the Crane Qigong exercise which connects to the fire element which connects to the human body through the heart organ. You can check the vlog in the video below this.



Why is having a healthy heart important? 

A woman practicing Crane Qigong outside surrounded by trees and greeneries

One of the most popular diseases in this modern day and age is connected to heart disease. Heart disease is among the top causes of death in modern times. Because of this, heart health is a very important issue that has been needing focus and has been given great importance by different medical fields and other systems of health. 


Now we are going to talk about how heart qigong exercises can benefit and be good for the heart. 


How is Qigong best for heart health? 


The movements of the 5 Elements Qigong have both compression and expansion. This benefits the human body by squeezing out toxins in the organ and then allowing the body to receive fresh qi. 


The Crane Qigong exercise has movements that gently compresses the heart and then gently releases it to help flush out any blockages that causes imbalances heart. It also allows the blood to flow more freely and more consistently. These qigong exercises are very good for heart health. It helps balance and reduce heart diseases such as high or low blood pressure. This is why Crane Qigong exercise is one of the best heart qigong exercises. 

Not only does qi gong exercise strengthen our physical body, qigong is a total body practice which incorporates the 3 Harmonies, Body-Breath-Spirit to cultivate our energy. This even helps us to further release excess toxins in our body, in the mind, body and spirit. 


3 Harmonies and how it helps benefit the body through Qigong exercise

A female human practicing Zhan Zhuang outside surrounded by greeneries

As we have mentioned earlier that in qigong there is what is called the 3 Harmonies. The 3 Harmonies are: Body-Breath-Spirit. Through this 3 Harmonies we can cultivate our energy sources and the energy flow in our body. 




Qigong strengthens the physical body through its dynamic forms. It helps strengthen our stances, correct posture, align our body systems, etc. Through deep stances and dynamic movements while doing qi gong exercise our body becomes challenged and through this healthy challenge our body adapts and becomes stronger. Through the alignments of qigong, our body reconstructs to its natural state and posture. This reduces injuries to the bones, muscles and even the organs. Realigning to proper posture benefits the human body not just to look good but it allows the energy in our body and the energy pathways to flow more freely. This also allows us to connect better to the energy of the universe (heaven) and the energy of the earth. 




Qigong harmonizes all our systems. The second component of the 3 Harmonies in qigong is Breath. Most of the time, especially  when we face the fast paced world, high demanding nature and stress, one can easily forget to use breath wisely. Through Qigong breath techniques, we can help the human body reach its optimum capacities in order to assist in our daily performances. It can help us use our body more intelligently. Being  aware of how our breath affects the flow of our energies and helps harmonize the entire system of the human body. 




Connecting to our own self through movement and being aware of our intentions while doing qi gong exercise is powerful. This can help benefit us by helping us to tune in with ourselves and being aware of the status of our beings. Connecting to the spirit allows us to let go, and be as it is. Accepting where we are in the moment and just fully embracing here and now. Through this we can begin to truly accept ourselves without judgement. From ourselves we can ripple this outwards to be able to connect more authentically with others.


What are the 5 Different Types of Qigong?


There are thousands of types of qigong and so many different Heart Qigong exercises. In Chinese medicine it is known that organs are connected to emotions and the elements. The 5 Element Qigong has a great system which digs deep into these. It has a very well organized system of qigong exercises that embodies the principles of the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine. 


Under the 5 Element Qigong there are: Dragon Qigong, Tiger Qigong, Leopard Qigong, Crane Qigong and Snake Qigong. All of these Qigong exercises connect to a particular Element and Organ. 


The Dragon Qigong connects to the Water Element which connects to the kidney and the emotion of fear. The Tiger qigong connects to the Metal Element which connects to the lungs which connects to the emotion of grief. The Leopard Qigong connects to the Wood Element which connects to the liver and the emotion of anger. The Crane Qigong connects to the Fire Element which connects to the heart and the emotion of desire and joy. The Snake Qigong connects to the Earth Element which connects to the Spleen and the emotion of worry and anxiety. 


What are the Side Effects of Heart Qigong exercises?


Through these 3 Harmonies the body benefits from positive effects of Qigong exercise. When one has a strong and aligned body structure one is able to use the body more efficiently.  When one has good heart health, the heart can function at its best to allow blood to move more efficiently and balance the heart rate. This helps prevent heart disease. When one is able to harmonize and maximize the breath, one can reach maximum potential. Using proper breath in qigong can help control the heart. When we realize how powerful breath is, one can truly reap the benefits it possesses. By uniting movement with intention in Qigong, we unite the spirit, this helps us reach flow states both in practice and in real life. By connecting to the Spirit of Crane and the Fire Element, we embody the characteristics they hold. Through this, the heart organ, embodies the uplifting spirit of fire and the graceful, majestic, and peaceful crane. 

All of these components are needed in order to reap optimum benefits of our qi gong exercise. 

Importance of heart qigong exercises for heart health

Drawing of the Heart Meridian


Heart health is very important to maintain. In this day and age where heart diseases are very common it is important to have a practice that can help reduce the risk of having it before it happens. Prevention is always better than cure. It is always important to give our health maximum importance and priority. Doing qigong exercises everyday will help prevent having illnesses that can make us suffer in the long run. 

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