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Daily Qigong Routine

Category: Date: 1 September 2022 Comments: 0

Daily Qigong Routine

Daily Qigong Routine - A woman doing qigong in front of her class

A daily qigong routine is optimal for one to receive the benefits of qigong practice. Doing qigong every day has many benefits including increasing energy, improving emotional balance, reducing pain, and many more. 


Benefits of Practicing Daily Qigong Routine

1. Increase Energy 

Qigong is an energy cultivation exercise using a balance of movement and meditation. Through daily qigong routines, we cultivate energy to help us have a stronger and healthier body and have more vitality in life. 

2. Reduce the Chances of Illnesses, Diseases, and Pain

It is said and known in Chinese Medicine that “stagnation is the foundation of pathology”. A lot of illnesses, diseases, and pain are effects of stagnation and blockages of energy in the body. When we do daily qigong exercises, it helps improve energy flow and release stagnation, therefore, reducing and eliminating illnesses, diseases, and pain.


3. Improve Emotional Balance

It is known that in Chinese Medicine the body and emotions connect. Each emotion has a corresponding organ that connects to it. The state of the body connects to the state of our emotions, and vice versa emotions also affect the state of the organs.

Doing qigong daily helps release negative emotions such as stress, grief, anger, fear, and desire. These negative emotions can be stored in the body as toxins.


4. Improve Focus and Concentration

Regular qigong helps improve focus and concentration. Through slow, gentle, and mindful movements qigong helps us release the monkey mind and have more space to focus and concentrate on our tasks. 


When and How Long can you do Daily Qigong Routine?

It is suggested to have at least 1 to 2 hours of qigong daily routine. If someone has a really busy schedule, even 20-minute routines can be beneficial. This can be done maybe once in the morning and then another in the afternoon. In between tasks, one can also do 1-minute qigong routines to help the energy keep flowing. 

Be careful not to do qigong on an empty stomach or a full stomach. Also don’t overdo your practices, and always stay at your level.


Daily Qigong Routine Lifestyle  

Doing qigong every day has a lot of benefits. It will give a lot of advantages to our bodies. Start by setting a schedule and keeping a part of your day for your daily qigong routine and eventually it will become a lifestyle. 

Try this simple daily Qigong routine:

Start a daily Qigong routine with this online course The 5 Element Qigong Online Course.

If you are new to Qigong – check out our online courses.

If you want to master – join a teacher training.

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