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How to Release Your Negative Emotions with Six Healing Sounds and Medical Qigong Training Forms

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Every person from time to time feels different negative emotions, like fear, stress, anger or frustration. Once this happens, these emotions are kept within your body, and it is not that easy to get rid of them. The more negative energy resides inside you, the bigger the harm it may cause in the form of disease or illness. In order to release this energy, you can practice a special powerful technique, which is called Six Healing Sounds.

Secret of Six Healing sounds

Six Healing Sounds is the ancient breathing technique that aims to transform the negative energy trapped within the body. It is believed that our five major organs – lungs, heart, kidney, liver and spleen – hold different negative emotions.  Along with that, each of these organs has an assigned unique sound that resonates with it and helps to release negative emotions trapped in the organ, and replace them with fresh healing Qi energy.

You can practice this breathing technique on its own or incorporate it into the movements in your Medical Qigong Training.

Healing Sounds to Release Negative Emotions Within the Organs

Lungs are associated with Metal Element and White color energy. They hold grief and stress, and are assigned Si (pronounced as SSuh) sound to release these emotions.

Kidney – Water Element and Blue energy – retains fear, and the sound to relieve it is Chui (Chway).

Liver – Wood Element and Green energy – keeps anger and frustration, and has an associated sound Xu (Shoo).

Heart – Fire Element and Red color energy – holds hate, cruelty and impatience, and the sound to release these negative emotions is Ha (Ha).

Spleen is associated with Earth Element and Yellow color energy. It retains hurt, closeness and mistrust, and is assigned Hu (Whooo) sound to relieve these emotions.

The last sound Xi (Shee) is called Triple Burner. It aims to clean the whole body from all diseases you have and anything you don’t need.

Healing technique

Relax your body. Align your Crown Point to the sky, and feel the unity between the sky and the earth. Gently breathe in through your nose and feel fresh Qi filling the organ with related color. As you breathe out, make the relevant healing sound and feel all negative emotions being released from the organ.  

Each healing sound should be practiced three to six times.

Practice of Six Healing Sounds in Medical Qigong Training

White Tiger Medical Qigong Teacher Training courses have incorporated Six Healing Sounds into Qigong exercises. When the sounds are integrated with the movements, it allows releasing negative energy and congested Qi more effectively. Some of the Medical Qigong forms that we teach with the sounds include 5 Elements Qigong and Organ Qigong. For example, the Dragon form in our Medical Qigong training clears the kidney, the Tiger form – lungs, the Leopard – liver and so on. Integration of the sounds with the practice makes Qigong training complete and enhances the benefits it brings, such as the following.

  • Healing of organs
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Gaining emotional balance
  • Rejuvenation
  • Improved mental and physical health

If you want to learn more about the healing sounds and, most importantly, how to incorporate them into your Qigong training practice, join Qigong master Tevia Feng for the next intensive Medical Qigong Training.

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