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Qigong to Relieve Exhaustion

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Qigong to Relieve Exhaustion

If you feel exhausted, it may be time to do some Qigong to relieve exhaustion. Since ancient times, qigong has shown to relieve fatigue and increase energy levels. With simple, gentle, and easy to follow movements, qigong is best practice for all levels and ages. Try the FREE qigong video routing by White Tiger Qigong Instructor, Mike Popovici. Click the video above to feel and see the benefits of qigong to relieve exhaustion. 

What is Qigong?

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that can be traced back to over 5,000 years of history. It is a balance of movement, breathing techniques, and meditation into one holistic framework. Qigong offers a unique approach to healing and well-being by connecting to the body’s natural intelligence and ability to heal itself. In Qigong, we look at the body as a holistic system, treating excess and deficiency by looking into the physical and emotional body. Through Qigong’s holistic approach, it promotes energy cultivation and energy flow which improves physical, mental and spiritual well-being. 

In today’s time we are often drained and exhausted by our modern lifestyle and don’t get enough time to relax or rest. Qigong is the best practice to help restore the body’s natural balance. It is a gentle and balanced practice, unlike most modern exercises which focuses stress on certain parts of the body for extended periods of time. Using qigong’s holistic approach, it can help you balance your mind and body. 

What is Exhaustion?

Exhaustion is a condition that can affect anyone, at any point in their lives. It is the feeling of deficient energy to the point that your body is losing the ability to function normally. Exhaustion has become a common problem in the modern world and it is affecting more people than ever before. This can easily be attributed to the pressure of having hectic lives, where we are often expected to do multiple tasks at once. Exhaustion can happen when we don’t get enough sleep, don’t get enough nourishment from daily food intake, intense physical activity, and many more. The result is a significant amount of stress and anxiety for many people.  However, there are ways that you can find relief from exhaustion and one of the best practices to battle exhaustion is qigong to relieve exhaustion. 

What are the Causes of Exhaustion?

The major causes of exhaustion are physical, mental and emotional factors. These can deplete our energy source, leading to tiredness and fatigue. Exhaustion causes us to lose focus, lose motivation, and make it harder for us to do the things we need to do. It hinders us to feel better about ourselves, our work, and life in general.

The physical factors of exhaustion include:

  • Work overload 
  • Sleep or rest deprivation
  • Stress 
  • Poor diet or nourishment
  • Lack of exercise or poor fitness

The mental factors of exhaustion include:

  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Too much pressure

In Chinese Medicine, it is known that our energy source is linked to both physical and emotional health. If one of these is depleted, then it causes exhaustion. The major causes of exhaustion can be depleting your body’s energy reservoirs. It is important to understand why we feel tired and the physical symptoms of our body, because this is our body’s way of communicating to us. In order to maintain optimal mental, physical, and psychological functions, we need to keep track of our activities and balance it properly with rest periods. The body has a constant need for energy, and when it does not receive adequate stimulation and rest, physical and mental functions may slow down or shut down altogether.

Why should you do Qigong to Relieve Exhaustion?

When your body becomes exhausted, it affects all your body systems as well. To overcome exhaustion, we need to boost our energy levels. Qigong is a traditional Chinese healing practice that helps increase the Qi (energy) in the body which gives you more energy to fight against exhaustion. It also helps increase your Qi flow, improve blood circulation, and boost your immune system. Qigong can help you relieve exhaustion by cultivating fresh energy. It is a great way to relax and unwind your mind and body after being in a stressful day at work or any other stressful situation. 

The effects of exhaustion include experiencing fatigue and loss of appetite or digestive problems. It also affects our mental health. A tired body is a tired mind. Qigong can help you avoid this feeling by replenishing energy in the body and mind. When you are more refreshed and your energy reservoir is replenished, you will feel motivated to do all the things that need to get done and do your tasks optimally. 

Why is doing Qigong to Relieve Exhaustion the best for you?

Qigong is a great movement practice and exercise. The difference between qigong and other exercises is that it does not wear out your energy at the same time it allows you to release stress, depression, and anxiety. You can adjust your practice depending on what you need and the level you are in. Not only can qigong can help you relieve exhaustion, it can also give you fresh energy that you need to battle feeling exhausted to begin with.

Qigong to Relieve Exhaustion Exercises

Meridian Qigong to Relieve Exhaustion

Shaking it Out

The Shaking it Out exercise is a form of qigong which consists of allowing the body to shake and move freely, while giving your mind a break. This qigong exercise is one of the best way to relieve any fatigue and stress. Shaking it Out is known to be the exercise of letting go which helps release tension, not only in the body but also in the mind (thoughts) and mental states (emotions). This is a great way to release any excess in our energy reservoir that is exhausting us.

Heavenly Pillar 1 – Looking Up and Down

Looking up and down is a great qigong to relieve exhaustion. It helps release tension in the spine and opens up the centerline of the body to allow more mind-body energy flow. This is important for helping you relax and still feel awake, focused and alert.

Two Hands Holding the Kidneys

The Two Hands Holding the Kidneys qigong helps relieve exhaustion by opening up and cultivating energy in the kidney. Through the movement of this qigong we squeeze out excess or old energy in the kidney. The kidney is known to hold our jing or life source. If the kidney is not working properly, our jing may also deplete and cause exhaustion of energy. With a specific set of movements we stimulate blood flow and circulate vital fluid in your kidneys which help alleviate tiredness and weakness.

Two Hands Moving Heaven – Liver and Spleen Meridian

The two hands moving Heaven qigong is another excellent qigong to relieve exhaustion. It helps relieve stress and toxins in the liver and spleen, which are organs that play an important role in maintaining our health. The liver is responsible for filtering blood, storing nutrients and minerals, breaking down toxins and unhealthy substances such as from drugs and alcohol. The spleen also plays an important role by filtering blood by breaking down all foreign bodies and disease germs, keeping us healthy by removing these dangerous substances.

The spleen is a small organ located in the center of your lower back, between your stomach and navel. It’s job is to absorb nutrients from the food we eat, transform them into usable energy for the body, and help cleanse our blood. If the spleen is out of balance, it will lead to an inability to source energy from foods and cause us to feel exhausted easily.

Opening the Heart to the Sky

Opening the Heart to the Sky is a great qigong that helps open up the body and release old energy. This is a good exercise to allow the body to receive new energy as we let go of the old stagnant energy. It’s also useful for activating meridian points in your feet and toes as we bounce them gently towards the earth. As we open up our chest, it acts like a pump that allows fresh qi to flow into the heart and lungs. You can add this qigong to relieve exhaustion practice to your daily routine.

8 Trigram Qigong to Relieve Exhaustion

Throwing Away the Trash

There are many qigong practices that can help us relieve exhaustion. The Throwing Away the Trash qigong helps release stagnant energy in the body. Sometimes when we feel exhausted it can also be due to stagnant energy pent up in the body. As we release these stagnant energy we can also use the 6 Healing Sounds which are all connected to a particular organ. This helps in releasing toxins and stagnant energy in those organs and allow fresh qi (energy) to enter. We can also use our intention by focusing in the color that connects to the organ. This is a very good qigong to relieve exhaustion.

6 Healing Sounds

Chinese medicine teaches us that there are 6 Healing Sounds which all connect to our organs, body and mind. These healing sounds were organized by observing the natural healing sounds of human. For example, the healing sound for the heart which connects to the emotion of peace and contentment is “ha” such as the sound of laughter, and the healing sound of lungs which connects to the emotion of grief is “ssi” such as the sound of someone sighing or weeping. Healing sounds are a very accompaniment for qigong to relieve exhaustion because they help connect to our natural element and innate healing abilities.

The 6 Healing Sounds:

Fire Element

  • Connects to the Heart
  • Heals excess joy and desire
  • Brings in peace and contentment
  • Healing sound: Ha

Earth Element

  1. Connects to the Spleen
  2. Heals worry and anxiety
  3. Brings in feeling of nurture
  4. Healing sound: Whoo

Metal Element

  • Connects to the lungs
  • Heals excess grief
  • Brings in joy
  • Healing sound: Ssi

Water Element

  • Connects to the Kidney
  • Heals excess fear
  • Brings in courage
  • Healing sound: Chway

Wood Element

  • Connects to The Liver
  • Heals anger and frustration
  • Brings in acceptance and forgiveness
  • Healing sound: Shoo

Color Healing Meditation 

We can also set our intention by focusing on the healing color of each element / organ. This will intensify the benefits of your qigong and allow you to feel better faster.

  • Fire Element (Heart) – Red
  • Earth Element (Spleen) – Yellow/Brown/Soil Color
  • Metal Element (Lungs) – White
  • Water Element (Kidney) – Blue / Black
  • Wood Element (Lungs) – Green

Zhan Zhuang and Violet Light Meditation Qigong for Exhaustion

Learn how to connect to the healing power of nature and your own natural energy through Zhan Zhuang or Standing qigong. Through Zhan Zhuang you will learn how to access the Violet Light which is the energy of the universe allowing it to enter our body as it melts down any stagnations, toxins, and old energy in the body. This is an ideal qigong to relieve exhaustion and allows you to connect with nature as you practice moving energy through your body by setting intention and mediation.

Learn more Qigong to Relieve Exhaustion and Many More!

Those who want to learn more about qigong to relieve exhaustion and other qigong for healing modalities click the banners below. These courses will help you learn qigong practices that will help you increase energy and have a smoother flow of energy.

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