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Become a Certified Qigong Instructor

Introducing the 8 Trigram Qigong Teacher Training program

Embark on a Transformative Journey to Master the Ancient Art of 8 Trigram Qigong, All from the Comfort of Your Home.

Are you ready to elevate your understanding of Qigong to unprecedented heights? 

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Revolutionize Your Qigong Practice: Our 8 Trigram Teacher Training Achieves Unparalleled Mastery

Harness Cutting-Edge Technology for Deep Learning: This course is the first of its kind to employ motion capture suits and 3D animation, allowing you to visualize Qi flow like never before. Experience the future of Qigong education today.

Learn how to use Qigong to:

8 Trigram Qigong achieves all this and more by

Course Highlights: What to Expect from Your 8 Trigram Qigong Journey

3D Qigong

Level 1: Body Mastery (Jing)

A Comprehensive Curriculum: Balancing Qigong Theory with Scientific Insight

  • 3D Animation from Multiple Angles: Visualize each exercise in intricate detail, thanks to state-of-the-art 3D animation viewed from various perspectives.
  • 8 Core Qigong Exercises: Master foundational movements for holistic well-being.
  • Mindset Mastery: Cultivate the optimal mental framework for deepened practice.
  • Meditative Techniques: Engage in Qigong meditation to harmonize mind and body.
  • Neuroscience of Qigong: Explore the scientific underpinnings of Qigong’s impact on brain function.
  • Breathing Mechanics: Learn advanced breathing techniques to enhance Qi flow.
  • Guided Learning: Benefit from PDFs and quizzes designed to reinforce your understanding.
  • 6 Healing Sounds: Incorporate ancient vocalizations to amplify your practice’s healing effects.

Level 2: Breath Dynamics (Qi)

Elevate Your Qigong Practice Through Science and Technology

  • 3D Visualization of Qi Flow: Experience the intricacies of Qi movement through state-of-the-art 3D animation.

  • Harmonize Body and Breath: Learn to perfectly align your physical form and breathing for a more effective Qigong practice.

  • Scientific Fusion in Qigong: Understand the synergy between fascia, kinetic chains, and Qi from a sports science perspective.

  • Integrate Qi Scientifically: Apply sports science principles to seamlessly incorporate Qi into your daily practice.

  • Master Breath Dynamics: Achieve fluidity in movement through advanced breath control techniques.

  • Accelerate Your Learning: Utilize a proven methodology to significantly reduce your learning curve, saving you months or even years.

Dragon Ball Qigong

Level 3: Spiritual Depth (Shen)

Unlock the Neuroscience of Flow States in Qigong

  • Visualize Qi Flow: Experience each exercise’s essence through cutting-edge 3D animations that illuminate the spirit and Qi flow.

  • Master the Science of Flow: Delve into the neuroscience that underpins flow states in Qigong for optimized practice.

  • Tap into Flow States: Harness the power of flow to elevate your Qigong practice and achieve a heightened state of awareness.

  • Explore Your Inner Universe: Journey deep into a trance-like state with Qigong to unlock your true potential and inner wisdom.

  • Apply Spiritual Principles: Gain a profound understanding of Qigong’s spiritual aspects and learn how to integrate them into your daily practice.

Level 4: Prescription Qigong

Prescription Qigong: An East-Meets-West Healing Approach

  • Integrated Frameworks: Combine modern sports medicine, including fascia science, with ancient Chinese Medicine principles for a holistic healing approach.

  • Cutting-Edge Prescription: Utilize a modern, evidence-based process rooted in ancient Qigong practices to address a range of health issues.

  • Targeted Healing: Effectively alleviate chronic fatigue, body pain (low back, neck, shoulder, wrist), and adrenal burnout.

  • Emotional Balance: Manage and mitigate excessive emotional states such as stress, anger, grief, and sadness.

  • And Much More: Experience the expansive healing potential of this unique, integrative approach.


Level 5: Teacher Training & Certification Pathway

Level 5: Embark on Your Journey as a Certified Qigong Teacher

  • Empower and Inspire: Become a beacon of health and well-being as you educate and inspire others through Qigong.

  • Proven Teaching System: Leverage White Tiger Qigong’s modern, educator-designed teaching framework to achieve your instructional goals.

  • Build Your Dream School: Take the first step in creating the Qigong school you’ve always envisioned.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Teaching Fundamentals: Master the art of instructing Qigong across various class sizes.

  • Course Design: Learn how to structure effective and engaging Qigong courses.

  • Career Pathways: Explore the avenues for making Qigong your full-time career.

  • Peer Insights: Gain valuable perspectives through videos of other White Tiger Qigong instructors.

  • Assessment and Certification: Undergo video analysis and theory tests to earn your certification.

  • Licensing Opportunities: Unlock the potential to establish your own licensed Qigong school.

Exclusive Bonuses: Elevate Your Learning Experience

Pricing Summary

Invest in Your Future: Flexible Payment Options for Your Qigong Journey

Teacher Training One Time Payment

1999 /one-time
  • Levels 1-5
  • Teacher Certification
  • Teacher Training Manuals
  • Private Community
  • Lifetime Access
  • Over $300+ of Bonuses
  • Money Back Guarantee

Teacher Training Monthly Payment

669 /month for 3 months
  • Levels 1-5
  • Teacher Certification
  • Teacher Training Manuals
  • Private Community
  • Lifetime Access
  • Over $300+ of Bonuses
  • Money Back Guarantee

Teacher Training One Time Payment

1799 /one-time
  • Levels 1-5
  • Teacher Certification
  • Teacher Training Manuals
  • Private Community
  • Lifetime Access
  • Over $300+ of Bonuses
  • Money Back Guarantee

Teacher Training Monthly Payment

$619 /month for 3 months
  • Levels 1-5
  • Teacher Certification
  • Teacher Training Manuals
  • Private Community
  • Lifetime Access
  • Over $300+ of Bonuses
  • Money Back Guarantee

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A Personal Invitation from Master Instructor Tevia Feng: Begin Your Qigong Transformation

Hi, I'm Tevia Feng, Founder of White Tiger Qigong. I invite you to enroll in the 8 Trigram Qigong Master Course, available for you to start at any time.

With over 30 years of specialized study in Qigong, I've designed this course by combining ancient Taoist wisdom with modern neuroscience and sports science. This collaboration with experts from Harvard and Stanford ensures you receive the most advanced and comprehensive Qigong training available today.

This course isn't just an educational journey—it's a transformative experience. You'll gain access to ancient techniques adapted for contemporary understanding, setting you on a path toward healing, transformation, and unlocking your inner potential.

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