Three Harmonies of Qigong Practice

Qigong practice is a very powerful exercise and skill that can help to harmonize your body, breath and spirit and fill your organs and meridians with fresh healing Qi energy. However, truly learning and practicing Qigong movements takes effort and time.  Before you can start feeling the flow of Qi energy in your body and guiding this flow, there are several important steps you have to master first.

Adjusting the body

Adjusting the body is the foundation of any Qigong training. The first key step is to connect your body with the Heaven and the Earth. This is achieved, when the perineum is aligned with the Earth and the Crown Point with the sky, leaving you with a straight spine. It is advisable to maintain this connection throughout all Qigong training practices.

Each Qigong form has many other small details, which may be difficult for a beginner to grasp at once. That is why it is important to adjust each posture until you do it properly. Only then all the body channels can be fully opened, so you can move to the next step.

Adjusting the breath

Breath is an important link between body and mind, and a major component of guiding Qi energy. Once you have made a correct posture, you can focus on your breathing and let it guide your movements. Make your inhales and exhales very gentle, deep and slow. Feel the connection between every Qigong training posture and breath.

There are many different Qigong breathing techniques in White Tiger Qigong System that you can learn and practice for the highest benefit of every form you learn. One of the basic Qigong breathing techniques is abdominal diaphragmatic breathing. While you are practicing it, your abdomen expands as you inhale and relaxes completely as you exhale. This type of Qigong breathing enables you to take deeper breaths, which increase oxygen level in the blood. Practice it until your breathing becomes relaxed and smooth.

Abdominal Qigong breathing also draws the Qi down into the lower part of the body. It helps to relax the mind, which is very important for the last step.

Adjusting the mind

Adjusting the mind is the most challenging aspect of Qigong training. Start your practice with creating the intention to guide the flow of energy. If you want to direct the Qi to one part of your body, simply become aware of this part.

You need to fully focus on your movements, visualize Qi energy flow and try to really feel it in the body. This is very hard to do for many people as their mind is always occupied with thoughts connected to the past or the future. If you want to get the utmost benefit from Qigong training practice, you need to learn how to calm your mind. Utmost focus on your Qigong postures and breathing, while constantly feeling Qi moving in the body, will help you to experience the relaxed and meditative state of the mind. This is what you should always intend to achieve.

Each of these three steps is equally important for your Qigong training practice. Only when you master them in the right order and achieve harmony between all three essentials, you will be able to truly practice Qigong.

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