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We have had various instructors become certified through White Tiger Qigong Teacher Certification programs. I wanted to introduce some of them here.

Nils Glahn Qigong InstructorNils Glahn from Germany joined our Organ Medical Qigong teacher certification in 2015 in Koh Phangan, Thailand. He became certified in the 5 Element Qigong and Bagua Organ Qigong forms. He comes from a diverse background in healing arts and has a lot of Qigong and Tai Chi experience already which prepared him for the undertaking of becoming a certified Qigong teacher with White Tiger Qigong. He was a natural from the beginning. He has unique offerings to put together including being a Certified Advanced Ayurveda Practitioner, Certified Marma Therapist, Therapeutic Qi Gong, studying Tai Chi Chen Style and Life Food Nutrition. Nils is also a filmmaker. He is currently teaching in Europe and has taught throughout Asia. You can read more about Nils here.


Geraldine Menez Qigong InstructorGeraldine Menez from France, is a global adventurer, interested in human science, sports, nutrition, health and well-being. She has been traveling extensively through all continents and lived in many countries. She speaks fluently French, English and Spanish. She lived for many years in the US, where she became acquainted with yoga, meditation and the fascinating world of Bodywork and Well Being. From California she began a road trip, which ultimately led her to Florida where she certified as a Hatha Yoga Instructor in South Beach, Miami. She then explored various massage and bodywork modalities and developed her own practice. A few years later, Geraldine settled in Boulder, a town regarded as a Mecca for complementary and alternative medicine. When she was there she certified as a Tibetan Cranial Practitioner, a unique and profound modality based on pulse diagnosis. It focus on the realignment of the bones in the skull, neck, jaw & sometimes the palate, to allow the cerebra-spinal fluid to flow in a way that supports optimal functioning of the nervous system giving rise to unity between mind, body and spirit. Geraldine offers individual treatments and organizes Tibetan Cranial retreats where people can receive consecutive sessions, as practiced by monks in Tibet, to benefit from the full healing effects of this practice.

In 2011, she graduated as a massage therapist with the Green Mountain Institute for Integrative Therapy in Vermont. She became one of their main instructors and she teaches at their campus in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Her holistic and therapeutic approach of Integrative Therapy allows you to restore, balance and center your energy.  She adapts and integrates a combination of different massage modalities and energy balancing techniques to tailor each session according to your particular needs and treat the aches of exercises, stressful lifestyle, fatigue and good living!

Geraldine has worked in close collaboration with the Haki Sanctuary retreat Center and the Harmony Hotel, located in Guiones, on the Guanacaste Peninsula in Costa Rica. She has now re-located herself to Verbier in Switzerland, where she offers on site therapeutic integrative massage and bodywork and Qi Gong classes. Geraldine has studied and specialized in Medical Qi Gong, which is inspired by Daoist philosophy and the traditional preventive system of medicine from China, based on the fundamental belief that all illness arises from imbalance and stagnation in energetic patterns. In 2015, she was certified in Organ Medical Qigong by Master Instructor Tevia Feng, founder of the White Tiger School. She truly believes that this Qi Gong is the doorway to optimum health and longevity, and she integrates Qi gong instruction in her therapeutic sessions, so that people can cultivate a state of release and freedom to regain control of their own health. She offers public and private classes and also organizes workshops and retreats in various venues for people to benefit from the longer immersion that allows the deepening and refinement of their practice and understanding of medical Qi Gong.

Geraldine also works with athletes who look to compete at their full potential while optimizing the relaxation and recovery process. She is always exploring different avenues to increase personal well-being through healthy nutrition, daily exercises, breathing, relaxation and the joy of life!

She says that this Qi gong is the single most beneficial health exercise system that she has ever encountered: “Incorporating a daily Medical Qigong routine into your schedule will transform stress, release tension and bring balance, vitality, relaxation and concentration into your life. Your body will feel open, light flexible yet strong and grounded. It will bring clarity and focus to your mind and you’ll feel connected through spirit between heaven and earth”.

“Everyone can benefit from Qi gong, become aware and sensitive to the flow of Qi, and realize their full human potential!”

-Geraldine Menez

As these students know, our Qigong teacher training programs are rigorous and demanding. Ask any of them, it isn’t easy to pass, but with practice, dedication and sincerity there is nothing stopping you

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