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Master Qigong-The Path to Becoming a Certified Instructor and Transforming Lives

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Greetings to everyone who seeks peace and harmony! We are honoured to sincerely invite you for a life-changing occasion that will mark a turning point in your quest for holistic well-being. Join us for  5 Element Qigong & Breathwork Mastery and Teacher Training in Vietnam on September 18 at Alba Wellness Resort and Hot Springs, Hue, Vietnam, as we delve into the realm of Master Qigong in the gorgeous backdrop of Vietnam for a spectacular day of exploration, connection, and empowerment.

EnrolL for Master Qigong’s Power

Mastering Qigong is more than just an exercise; it’s a way of life that combines breathing, meditation, and movement to produce a harmonious energy and equilibrium. This event offers you the chance to learn the knowledge of Qigong under the direction of professionals who have committed their lives to study this age-old practice.

This program will expand your understanding and advance your practice, whether you are new to Qigong or a seasoned practitioner.

What to Anticipate?

There are a lot of things that going to be new to your experience and expectations, so here are a few things that you can expect with this program:

  • Expert Advice: Renowned Qigong masters and teachers will guide you through intensive sessions at our event and share their expertise and thoughts on the practice. Be ready to be motivated and inspired by their experience.
  • Community and Connection: Meet with others equally passionate about holistic living and well-being. Join forces, work together, and develop enduring relationships with those travelling similar paths.
  • Engagement: Engage in a series of engaging seminars, thoughtful activities, and tranquil meditation sessions to achieve mind-body harmony. You’ll emerge feeling refreshed, focused, and in touch with your inner self.
  • Cultural Pleasures: As you practice Qigong in breathtaking surroundings, take in the grandeur of Vietnam’s cultural heritage and natural scenery. Let the energy of the land amplify the Qigong’s transforming powers.
  • Personal Development: This event is a forum for personal development and self-discovery, not simply physical exercise. Our event has something for everyone, regardless of whether you want relaxation, healing, or self-improvement.

How to Participate?

To guarantee your position in this educational program, make your reservation today. This event is suited to your interests, whether you’re a Qigong practitioner trying to further your knowledge or a person seeking a closer connection between your body and mind. Bring an open mind, an open heart, and a readiness to embrace peace and well-being. Five basic levels involve different aspects in our 5 Element Qigong & Breathwork Mastery and Teacher Training in Vietnam!

Level 1: Body

Discover the fundamental ideas and methods of Qigong, such as the 5 Element Qigong System, the 5 Element Meditation, and the hidden breathing methods. This level is starting on September 18 to September 23, 2023. This level is focusing on the following points:

  • Eight essential and basic breathing exercises
  • The primary and theoretical approach of Qigong Breathing
  • In-depth anatomy of breathing
  • Tips and Tricks for easy access to the nervous system with the help of breathing exercises 
  • Regulating the immune system and its reaction for better health

Level 2: Breathe 

Develop your knowledge of fascia, kinetic chains, and sports science while developing your own evaluation criteria for individual practice. This level is starting on September 25 to September 30, 2023. This level is focusing on the following points:

  • Everything from Level 1
  • 13 advanced-level of breathing tactics
  • “The Neuroscience of Breath” by neuroscientist Dr. Michael Mannino
  • Bi-neural beats to bring your brainwaves into a meditative state

Level 3: Spirit

Discover the relationship between the five elements and the human spirit while engaging in Qigong. This level is starting on October 1 to October 14, 2023. This level is focusing on the following points:

  • Everything from levels 1-2
  • How to employ qigong breathing as an alternative form of treatment (no medications required!)
  • How to utilise your breathwork practice to combine cutting-edge fascia science research with principles from traditional Chinese medicine to produce an organic remedy for the symptoms and indications of stress and trauma.
  • Chris Kummer, a famous fascia specialist and anatomy professor, presents “The Fascia of the Respiratory System”; it lasts more than three hours.

Level 4: Percepetation 

Explore the Qigong’s capacity for healing with specific treatments for emotional stability, persistent disease, and physical discomfort. This level is starting on October 15 to October 28, 2023. This level is focusing on the following points:

  • All classes (1-4)
  • How to pass down the qigong breathing exercises
  • How to instruct courses of various sizes
  • Final test and video evaluation
  • Investigate a career as a breathwork coach.
  • Possibility of obtaining a White Tiger Qigong Breathwork Facilitator certification

Level 5: Teacher Training 

Develop your abilities as a Qigong teacher and discover how to successfully operate your own Qigong school by luring students in and motivating them using pedagogical strategies that have been proven to be effective. This level is from October 29 to November 11, 2023. This level is focusing on the following points:

  • All levels (1-4)
  • How to teach qigong breathing techniques
  • How to teach different size classes
  • Video assessment and final quiz
  • Explore the role of breathwork coach as a career
  • Opportunity to become a certified White Tiger Qigong Breathwork Facilitator

Note: Once you are done with your training, you will get a certificate of completion after completing this level and passing all the exams. You will only be qualified to teach White Tiger Qigong 5 Element  and Breathwork.

Other Benefits (Accommodation and Food):

Breathwork Mastery

We are delighted to give all our esteemed trainees an unusual incentive. We are happy to inform you that you will get a unique 25% discount on lodging and meals at Alba Wellness Resort and Hot Springs, Hue, Vietnam, as a thank you for selecting our 5 Element Qigong & Breathwork Mastery and Teacher Training in Vietnam!. The natural hot springs at Alba Wellness Resort are one of its best features; they have long been valued for their healing abilities. Imagine relaxing in warm, mineral-rich water while admiring the stunning scenery. This is the kind of refreshing experience that lures tourists looking for both relaxation and well-being.

The resort also provides many wellness amenities and services, lodging, and hot springs. Enjoy spa services encouraging total well-being by drawing on contemporary therapies and old Vietnamese traditions. To care for your mind, body, and spirit, partake in health pursuits like yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi.

We place a high priority on your comfort and safety. We are aware that a positive setting may significantly improve your learning process. This enables you to take advantage of first-rate housing at a more reasonable price, allowing you to concentrate on your training without worrying about money.

In addition, healthy eating is crucial to nourishing the body and the mind. Our passionate culinary staff is committed to offering you a selection of mouthwatering dishes tailored to your tastes and dietary requirements. The Alba Wellness Resort and Hot Springs in Hue, Vietnam, welcomes you to set off on a voyage of rest, renewal, and exploration with its blend of opulent lodgings, natural hot springs, wellness facilities, and exceptional service.

Reserve Your Spot

There are only a few spots left. Therefore, please reserve your place as soon as possible. Visit the event’s official website to register and learn more. Don’t pass up this incredible chance to immerse yourself in Master Qigong’s transformational realm and live a life of peace.

In order to encourage the smooth passage of Qi along the body’s energy routes, or meridians, Qigong practice incorporates a variety of exercises, from dynamic motions to static postures. By balancing these energy pathways, practitioners strive for optimum health, greater vitality, emotional harmony, and spiritual development.

Five Basic Elements 

Five Element Qigong

Wu Xing Qigong, often known as the Five Element system in Qigong, is an exercise with roots in conventional Chinese medicine and philosophy. It is a component of Qigong, a comprehensive program of activities and meditative practices designed to cultivate and balance the body’s life force, or “qi.”

The Five Elements notion, often called the Five Phases or Five Movements, is the basis for the Five Element system and forms the basis of Chinese cosmology, medical treatment, and psychology. Each element—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—corresponds to a certain quality, organ, emotion, or season. It is thought that these components’ interactions and connections affect how energy moves through the body and the surroundings.

Five Element Qigong practitioners employ postures, breathing exercises, movements, and meditation to balance and harmonise the Qi related to each element. This encourages spiritual development, emotional stability, and physical wellness. Here is a quick summary of how the components are frequently linked to other aspects:

  • Wood (Mu): Linked to the seasons of growth, the liver, and the feeling of fury. Wood element practices may include gentle stretches and flowing motions to encourage flexibility and a smooth energy flow.
  • Fire (Huo): Linked to warmth, the summer season, the heart, and the feeling of joy. Fire element activities frequently use movements that promote circulation and widen the heart centre.
  • Earth (Tu): Linked to stability, the end of summer, the spleen, and melancholy or excessive contemplation. Exercises for anchoring and centring are emphasised in earth element activities.
  • Metal (Jin): Linked to autumn, the lungs, and the feeling of loss. Practices involving the metal elements may include breathing techniques and lung-healthy motions.
  • Water (Shui): Winter, the kidneys, and the feeling of dread are all related to the element of water (Shui). Practices with the water element may involve fluid, flowing motions that improve kidney function and promote serenity.

It’s critical to remember that despite the Five Element system’s deep roots in Chinese philosophy and traditional medicine, its effects and advantages might have a weak empirical scientific foundation. However, because Qigong techniques can enhance awareness, flexibility, balance, and general well-being, many practitioners benefit from them.

Are Harmony And Peace Something In Your Life That You Long For? 


Qigong-Certified Instructor’s Journey – 1

Look nowhere else! Your entryway to a peaceful and fulfilling life is our life-changing online course, “Master Qigong: The Path to Becoming a Certified Instructor and Transforming Lives.

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✓ Recognise Well-being: Integrating body and mind with improved flexibility, less stress, emotional balance, and mental clarity.

✓ Guided Mastery: Our knowledgeable instructors will guide you through each skill, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling trip.

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Utilise this chance to discover inner harmony and vigour. Enrol today to start living a life that is more rounded and balanced. It’s worth it for your health!

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