Heal Muscle Fascia With 8 Animals Qigong

One of the unique parts of our Baguazhang and Qigong in Bali that I teach is how to heal muscle fascia with for deep, faster healing. Through 8 Animal Qigong’s deep twisting and coiling movements, the practitioner has a chance to get deeply in touch and in tune with the muscle fascia of their body. Let’s look at Flying Dragon Qigong, which is one of the 8 Animals Qigong as a prime example. In Flying Dragon Qigong, the palms are facing up with the shoulders twisting backwards. The twist can be felt even in parts of the chest, through the shoulders all the way up into the forearms and eventually out into the fingers.  When we do the movement stationary, meaning the legs are still we are constantly stretching the muscle fascia of this area through deep twists in the shoulders all the way out to the hands. While coordinating the twisting with an exhalation we are moving Qi from our core and out to our extremities through this entire particular muscle fascia. The muscle fascia becomes charged with Qi and moves stagnant energy out. By using Flying Dragon Qigong followed by Bear Qigong, I have healed along with other people I know a variety of muscle injuries including rotator cuff injuries, muscle pulls and tears in the shoulders, biceps and forearms. I went to get a Rolfing session the other day on a bicep pull I had from moving some very heavy furniture in my house. It had been 2 months and was not healing completely so I wanted to try to get some additional help. The masseuse literally pushed and pushed through the muscle fascia on a very deep level from my bicep and into my forearm and also my shoulder. At this point I realized he was doing exactly what we are doing in our Baguazhang Qigong on a level from outside the body going in. When I focused on the 8 Animals Qigong for this particular muscle fascia that he worked on, I was able to get even more deep inside and a complete healing was within just a couple of days. When I did the healing I not only did the 8 Animals Qigong stationary, but I also did it with Circle Walking. I find the 8 Animals Qigong combined with Circle Walking practice even more effective as you hold the Animal posture for a sustained period of time while walking the circle. It becomes a meditation on the muscle fascia. Slowly with each exhale I twist a little deeper into the posture. With each inhalation I relax the posture. With each exhalation I am stretching more, pushing the stagnant Qi gradually all the way through my arm to my fingers until it is gone. When you do this you must be careful not to exacerbate the injury by stretching to quick and pushing too hard. When you come to that painful point do not go further, go there then relax and back to that painful point on the next exhalation. Slowly, but surely you will notice the area opening up more and more. You will eventually be able to pinpoint the area that the muscle tear or pull is in and figure out how to manipulate and coax it out. Depending on how deep the tear or pull is you will need to do this for a number of days. Right after a tear or pull give it several days before trying this method. After that, begin with one day on one day off. This cycle of recovery will help speed the healing process. My good friend and “Bagua brother” as we say healed a rotator cuff injury in under a month using this method. Through natural healing don’t expect it in a day, give it the time it needs and you can heal your muscle fascia naturally through 8 Animals Qigong.

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