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Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Conflict: A Reflection on The Israel-Hamas Clash

Category: Date: 10 October 2023 Comments: 0
Title: Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Conflict: A Reflection on The Israel-Hamas Clash
In recent weeks, the world has watched with bated breath as violence flared between Israel and Hamas, igniting a firestorm of political, social, and humanitarian concerns. The images of destruction and the cries of the afflicted echo through the corridors of global consciousness, urging individuals and communities to seek a semblance of understanding amidst the chaos. As the smoke of battle mingles with the tears of the bereaved, a quest for deeper comprehension and pathways to healing unveils itself. Amidst this quest, the ancient wisdom of Chinese metaphysics and the nurturing practice of Qigong beckon with a promise of insight and solace. This blog endeavors to traverse the bridge between ancient oriental wisdom and the modern-day conundrum of conflict, exploring how the cyclical lenses of Feng Shui and the I Ching, coupled with the healing essence of Qigong, can offer a sanctuary of understanding and a beacon of hope in the turbulent waters of global discord.

Historical Cycles of Conflict:
The tapestry of Chinese metaphysics unfolds the concept of cyclical global energies through the Nine Periods in Feng Shui. As we navigate the currents towards the ninth period (2024-2043), a cloak of transformation and potential conflict, symbolized by the Fire element, drapes around the globe. A glance through the annals of history reveals a pattern where past Fire periods bore witness to the raging storms of global conflicts. The eerie resonance of these ancient cycles with the rhythmic dance of war and peace through the ages beckons a pause for reflection.
Relating specific historical events to the attributes of each Feng Shui period can be a complex task as many factors contribute to historical developments. However, one could attempt to draw correlations between the elemental energies of each period and major trends or events during those times. Here are some broad strokes observations:
  1. Period 1 (1864-1883) – Wood:
    • Growth, Expansion:
      • Industrial Revolution continues, with expansion of railroads, telegraph systems, and burgeoning industrial technologies.
  2. Period 2 (1884-1903) – Wood:
    • Continued Growth, Nurturing:
      • Continued industrial growth. The period also saw the scramble for Africa, a reflection of expansionist tendencies.
  3. Period 3 (1904-1923) – Fire:
    • Transformation, Energy:
      • World War I (1914-1918), Russian Revolution (1917), leading to significant global transformations.
  4. Period 4 (1924-1943) – Fire:
    • Continued Transformation, Creativity:
      • The Great Depression (1929), the rise of totalitarian regimes, and the onset of World War II (1939).
  5. Period 5 (1944-1963) – Earth:
    • Stability, Balance:
      • Post-World War II reconstruction, establishment of the United Nations (1945), the beginning of the Cold War era promoting a precarious balance of power.
  6. Period 6 (1964-1983) – Earth:
    • Continued Stability, Nurturing:
      • Continued Cold War, Space Race, the beginning of détente indicating a nurturing of peaceful relations.
  7. Period 7 (1984-2003) – Metal:
    • Contraction, Reflection:
      • End of the Cold War (1991), the rise of the internet leading to a reflection on global connectivity.
  8. Period 8 (2004-2023) – Metal:
    • Continued Contraction, Discipline:
      • Global financial crisis (2008), a period of economic austerity and re-evaluation of financial systems.
  9. Period 9 (2024-2043) – Fire:
    • Renewal, Significant Change:
      • Predicted to be a time of technological advancements, a resurgence of women’s influence, and a shift towards purpose-driven endeavors based on the attributes of the Fire element and the Li Trigram.
These observations are quite broad and the correlations are drawn in a very general sense. The complexity of historical events and global trends cannot be fully explained by Feng Shui periods, but they may offer an alternative lens for reflection and analysis.
As the threads of the past weave into the fabric of the present, the cyclical narrative of conflict, as portrayed in Ray Dalio’s “The Changing World Order,” mirrors the rhythm of the ancient Chinese cycles. The dance of power and the ebb and flow of geopolitical tides through history underscore the repetitive yet evolving nature of global interactions.

I Ching: Ancient Insights into Modern Turmoil

The I Ching, or the Book of Changes, stands as a towering beacon of oriental wisdom, casting the light of its ancient hexagrams onto the murky waters of human experience. As conflict flares on the global stage, the I Ching’s symbolic language whispers the ancient lore of cyclical change and balance. Hexagrams like Conflict (Hexagram 6), The Army (Hexagram 7), and Opposition (Hexagram 38) reflect the multifaceted nature of the clash, offering a prism through which to view the unfolding drama.

Delving into Hexagram 6, Conflict, we encounter the essence of discord, yet within its lines, a call for righteousness and resolution resonates. The Army, Hexagram 7, unveils the organized march of collective action, hinting at the necessity of wise leadership and just cause. Opposition, Hexagram 38, presents a tableau of polarities, urging the search for common ground amidst a field of misunderstanding. The changing lines within these hexagrams unveil the potential pathways from discord to harmony, echoing the transient nature of worldly affairs.
The dynamic interplay of light and shadow within these hexagrams mirrors the complexity of the Israel-Hamas clash, where differing narratives, historical grievances, and geopolitical tensions interweave into a dense tapestry of conflict. Yet, within the ancient lines, a seed of hope for understanding and reconciliation sprouts, urging a deeper exploration beyond the veil of enmity.

Qigong: A Path Towards Healing

As the ashes of conflict cast a long shadow, the ancient practice of Qigong emerges like a gentle dawn, offering a sanctuary of healing and inner peace. Rooted in the fertile soil of Chinese tradition, Qigong cultivates the flow of Qi (energy), nurturing a harmonious balance between the individual and the cosmic rhythm. Through gentle movements, breath control, and meditative focus, Qigong orchestrates a dance of healing energies, washing away the stains of trauma and igniting the flames of inner tranquility.

In the aftermath of war, the scars of loss and fear imprint upon the hearts of the afflicted. Qigong, with its nurturing embrace, offers a haven of healing. As individuals embark on the journey of Qigong, they delve into a realm of inner stillness, where the turbulent waves of external chaos recede into the horizon of calm serenity. The practice beckons a community of healing, where each breath of peace ripples through the collective consciousness, weaving a fabric of communal resilience.

The path of Qigong extends beyond the realm of personal healing, venturing into the global arena. As practitioners emanate a serene aura of balance and understanding, they contribute to a collective energy of healing, nurturing the tender buds of hope and reconciliation in a world torn by conflict. The practice invites a communion with the natural world, a rekindling of the ancient bonds between humanity and the cosmos, urging a collective stride towards peace, understanding, and holistic wellness.

Applying Ancient Wisdom

The tendrils of ancient Chinese wisdom extend into the modern conundrum, offering a lens through which to view the cyclical dance of conflict and peace. The juxtaposition of the enduring principles of Feng Shui and the I Ching against the transient flames of global discord invites a profound reflection. As individuals and communities, we are beckoned to delve deeper, to seek the undercurrents that propel the cycles of peace and conflict, and to strive for a harmonious rhythm in tune with the ancient cosmic dance.

In the echoes of the past, a call to action resounds, urging a proactive stride towards healing, understanding, and reconciliation. The practice of Qigong stands as a beacon in this endeavor, offering a tangible pathway to transmute the energies of discord into a harmonious melody of peace. Through the gentle caress of its movements and the nurturing flow of Qi, Qigong offers a balm for the wounds of the world, urging a collective journey towards a horizon of enduring peace.

The exploration of ancient oriental wisdom juxtaposed against the backdrop of modern conflict unveils a rich tapestry of understanding. As the cycles of Feng Shui and the insights of the I Ching intertwine with the healing essence of Qigong, a pathway towards peace and reconciliation unveils itself amidst the turbulent global landscape. The journey towards understanding, healing, and peace is a collective endeavor, echoing the ancient call for balance, harmony, and a profound communion with the natural rhythm of existence.
Healing the Scars of War: A Special Qigong Session for Trauma Relief

The recent events in the Middle East have left a painful mark on the hearts and bodies of many. The trauma experienced by those who have been exposed to the harsh realities of war is profound and far-reaching. As a holistic practice, Qigong is uniquely positioned to offer a pathway towards healing, integrating the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of well-being.

Free Qigong Session for War-Affected Individuals

Harmony Amidst Chaos: A Qigong Journey from Trauma to Tranquility

I am honored to announce a free Qigong session designed specifically for individuals who have been affected by the ongoing conflict. This session is intended to provide a safe and nurturing space where participants can embark on a journey of self-healing. The practices will focus on releasing the trauma stored within the body and mind, and cultivating a sense of peace, balance, and resilience.

Underpinning Theory of the Session

The session will be rooted in the time-tested wisdom of Chinese Medicine and the Five Element theory. The recent conflicts have ignited a fire of destruction, and according to Chinese Medicine, an excess of Fire energy can lead to a state of agitation, restlessness, and emotional upheaval. By applying the principles of the Five Element theory, this Qigong session aims to restore a sense of balance among the elements within each participant.

  • Water Element: Nourishing the Water element to calm the Fire and promote a sense of fluidity and ease.
  • Wood Element: Encouraging the smooth flow of Qi to alleviate feelings of stagnation and frustration.
  • Fire Element: Mindfully engaging with the Fire element to cool and calm its excess energy.
  • Earth Element: Cultivating a sense of grounding and nurturing support to promote stability and community.
  • Metal Element: Facilitating a process of letting go, to release the pain of the past and welcome new, fresh energy.

Expected Outcomes

Participants can expect to experience a gentle release of trauma through the flowing movements and meditative practices of Qigong. By engaging with the Five Elements, individuals will have the opportunity to restore a sense of balance and harmony within themselves, promoting a profound sense of healing.
The session is open to all, regardless of experience with Qigong, race, religion, or nationality. It is a humble offering in the face of great suffering, with the hope that through collective healing practices, we can contribute to a greater sense of peace and understanding in the world.
Date and Time
The session will be held at 3:30pm GMT+7 on October 18th.
Qigong Teacher

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