Become a Certified White Tiger Instructor with the Most Advanced & Comprehensive Qigong Program in Asia

For over five millennia, dedicated students and masters of Qigong have learned to improve their physical, mental, and emotional states through a series of ancient practices, including dynamic movements, breathing, and postures. Although there are many forms of Qigong, the White Tiger Qigong practice, taught by Master Instructor Tevia Feng, shows its uniqueness in its blend of ancient Taoist Qigong and Chinese medicine with aspects of anatomy, fascia, and modern sports science.

This is truly a rare opportunity to learn a modern take on this ancient practice from a true master instructor. There are plenty of online and written materials on Qigong. However, learning Qigong in person is the best way to achieve a purer understanding of the practice, its benefits, and its application to modern life, from stress relief and mobility training to medical treatments and mental acuity. It is also widely known that Qigong masters frequently omit secret postures and techniques from online courses and books, saving them for the passionate and committed pupils who will then spread the teachings to other worthy students. 

Fortunately, Master Instructor Feng is soon hosting a three-week intensive course grounded in 5-Animal Medical Qigong, where he will teach the fundamental forms of the five animals, essential breathing techniques, and the central philosophies of Qigong from an experienced master instructor among like-minded individuals. This is a rare and fulfilling experience that can bring you to a higher plane and provide the necessary training to become a certified Qigong instructor.

Medical Qigong Training in Thailand: Where & When?

This three-week retreat is the ideal White Tiger event for beginner and intermediate practitioners looking for balance, strength, focus, and education. It begins on December 2nd, taking place at the peaceful Tao Garden in Luang Nuea, Doi Saket, Thailand

Three Principles, Three Weeks 

Week One – Body: The first week of the 5-Animal Medical Qigong (Module A) course will center on learning ten forms of Qigong, two forms for each of the five animals of the practice: Tiger, Monkey, Bear, Deer, and Crane. 

Week Two – Breath: One of the most critical facets of Qigong is breathing. In the second week of the course, you will learn about Qi, breathing applications to the fascia, and how to incorporate breath into their movements. 

Week Three – Spirit: By the final week of Module A, you will have gained advanced knowledge of White Tiger QiGong, principles of practice and philosophy, and ten ancient forms of Qigong. The final week provides the requisite theory and methods for teacher certification, such as applying the ethereal spirit to round out your movements and student teaching workshops for aspiring White Tiger instructors.

Complete Week 3 to Become a Certified White Tiger Instructor

While you’ll earn a Certificate of Participation for each week, you’ll need to complete three weeks of one Module, 200 hours, to achieve White Tiger Instructor Certification. For those ready to become instructors with the freedom to open their own White Tiger Qigong school, you must also take an exam that includes a video test of the learned forms, a theoretical test, and an essay. 

Learn More and Enroll 

Medical Qigong Teacher Training: 5 Animal Qigong (Module A) is an excellent opportunity for Qigong practitioners to enhance their knowledge-base and pave the way for their futures as Qigong instructors. If you are interested in participating in this extraordinary event, click here to learn more and enroll in Medical Qigong Teacher Training: 5 Animal Qigong! 


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