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Reaching Potential with White Tiger Qigong

Category: Date: 6 May 2021 Comments: 0

Today we want to share a quick story about the power of Qigong. Meet Raja – a 46-year-old father of 6 and a certified White Tiger Qigong Instructor. 

Not long ago, Raja felt trapped in the busy day-to-day city life of London, UK…

He struggled to process his emotions which led to distraction in his work and family life. 

He felt a great amount of stagnation in his body and carried tremendous tension in his neck, shoulder, and lower back. He attended Thai boxing classes to blow off some steam, but the relief was short-lived. He realized that Thai boxing was focused only on external health. He wanted to find true inner peace and needed to shift his focus to his internal health. That’s when he joined one of White Tiger Qigong’s Teacher Training. He followed a regular Qigong practice, nurtured his body from the inside out, releasing toxins and negative emotions trapped in his body. 

The knowledge that Raja learned allowed him to regain a deep sense of connectivity with his inner power. Now, Raja recorded a quick video performing a sequence of his favorite Qigong exercises for detoxifying the body and releasing heavy emotions. 

These movements are just under 10 minutes long and it has easy-to-follow along. Raja took the first step of becoming a 5 Element Qigong Teacher.

He did not just heal himself but also helped others reach their full potential.

The 5 Element Qigong Master Course and Teacher Training is now officially open to help you too! This is one of the most comprehensive Qigong courses available online. Master Tevia designed this course to include 5 Levels of knowledge and learning. 

Each level expands on the topics compared to the lessons that came before it. The course pathway is perfect for both novice and advanced practitioners. We do not promise a quick-fix program but with perseverance and dedication just like Raja, becoming a certified White Tiger Qigong teacher can be reached.

Here what you get in Level 1-4
  • proper body mechanics and theory behind each movement of 5 Element Qigong system 
  • Strengthen and help the body with stances and stretches
  • Become proficient in Qigong breath and movement integration 
  • Understand Qi from a sports science perspective -discover what it is and why it works
  • Synchronize body, breath, and spirit to experience a deep meditative state and Qi flow
  • How to prescribe Qigong exercises and techniques for specific body ailments, emotional imbalances, and illnesses
  • Develop a deeper understanding of Qigong theory

Be your own doctor and use Qigong as alternative medicine. Discover how to use fascia science and Chinese medicine with Qigong to heal various body ailments. (No more back, shoulder, or neck pain!) 

And in level 5 (Teacher Training) here is what you will learn:

  • How to teach Qigong effectively
  • How to structure a Qigong class and program
  • How to effectively manage different class sizes 
  • How to design your own niched course and market it
  • And we will help you explore Qigong as a full-time career 

The question is, are you ready to awaken your innate healing abilities and live a healthier and more vital life? 

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