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Qigong for Neck and Upper Back Pain Online Course


Overcome Neck and Upper Back Pain

Discover how to transform debilitating upper back and neck pain through ancient dynamic movement techniques fused with sports science and sports medicine.

You’ll Learn

  • How to overcome neck and upper back pain with simple but highly specific deep ancient dynamic movements that target back and neck pain holistically
  • How to build simultaneously strengthen and dynamically stretch the neck and back 
  • How to get quick back and neck pain relief, naturally, no pills needed!

A master switch for neck and upper back pain.  

There is a time-tested practice that now has been scientifically proven to relieve back and neck pain and actually find your peak potential. When practiced regularly and correctly it will:

  • Improve overall state of being
  • Improve sleep and quality
  • Improve cognitive performance and function
  • Increase energy
  • Improve your mood
  • Boost your sex drive

With a very small investment in your time, you will learn an invaluable skill for overcoming back and neck pain and have it for life.

A Powerful Combination of:

  • Ancient dynamic exercises
  • Powerful breathing techniques coupled with visualization
  • Meditation
  • Sports Science of Fascia

Master Your Body and Mind through ancient Qigong fused with cutting-edge sports science.

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What’s Included In The Qigong for Neck and Upper Back Pain Online Course:

  1. A series of ancient Qigong exercises to ease upper back and neck pain
  2. Special Qigong Breathing techniques
  3. Qigong Meditation
  4. Fascia and its unique role in this Qigong
  5. Anatomy of the Qigong for Neck and Upper Back Pain exercises
  6. Chinese Medicine applications of Qigong for Neck and Upper Back Pain exercises
  7. Downloadable PDFs with high-resolution photos
  8. Quizzes and answers
  9. Lifetime access

Free yourself from the pain and suffering of back pain with White Tiger Qigong’s Qigong for Neck and Upper Back Pain Online Course. FAQ: Q: Do I need any Qigong experience to do this course? A: This course is for anyone with back pain and you do not need any prior experience. Q: How much do I have to practice?