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WTQ-InnerCircle Instructor Membership

Grow your success as a Qigong instructor, earn when you teach, and access exclusive content from Master Instructor Tevia Feng* 

Equip yourself with the ongoing knowledge, practice, and support you need to successfully share Qigong with your local and global communities. Plug into the WTQ platform to promote and teach your classes, get top referrals for teaching opportunities, and gain access to our entire class library, Masterclasses, and instructor-only savings.

*Exclusively for White Tiger Qigong Certified Instructors


$18.97 / month with 1 month free trial

What's included in InnerCircle Instructors Membership:

Access to WTQ-Membership

Access to WTQ-InnerCircle Membership

Access to the private FB group for White Tiger Teachers.

Access to Monthly Masterclasses

Access to Monthly Mastermind Sessions

Access to the Masterclass and Mastermind Vault.

Promote your live online classes through the WTQ platform

Get top referrals from our website enquiries for teachers

Create and sell your own online courses with White Tiger Qigong

Sell all WTQ products and events on your website and earn commission

10% Discount on all our events for you and your staff

White Tiger branding and assets for use on your own website

Ability to post blogs with credit to you on our website

Get published in our newsletters.


Earn when teach - Deliver Weekly Training Classes for WTQ

50% discount across all short and advance online courses


$18.97 / month with 1 month free trial

Join the InnerCircle Instructors membership today and get exclusive access to new courses, certifications before anyone else plus get access to train White Tiger's students and earn at the same time.


$18.97 / month with 1 month free trial