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What is White Tiger Internal Martial Arts?

The White Tiger system of Internal Martial Arts is a synthesis of the top internal martial arts of China, modern combat training methods and more. It combines combat, martial and healing Qigong as well as meditation and breathing exercises. After spending over 30 years learning and practicing a variety of martial arts, Tevia realized that no one art is perfect. He sought perfection through mastering each art one at a time and also delving into other arts to understand theory and principles and more. He combines his knowledge of Baguazhang, Taiji, Xing Yi Quan and the modern combat techniques of Krav Maga to create what he feels is his life achievement.

When it comes to martial arts, Tevia Feng does not believe in sticking with tradition for the sake of tradition. “This can blind a practitioner from seeing the forest from the trees,” he say. He teaches each art in it’s purest form so that the practitioner can understand the core principles and then how to combine them. For example, he likes the body mechanics of Baguazhang, the intention mind of Xing Yi Quan and the modern combat principles of Krav Maga.

Martial and Fighting Systems that Comprise White Tiger Internal Martial Arts

Martial and Fighting Systems that Comprise White Tiger Internal Martial Arts

Xing Yi Quan

Otherwise known as Mind Intention Boxing is known as the most developed martial art in terms of internal striking power, and the ability to mesh the power of intention with striking. Used at one time by the Chinese Military, the striking is ferocious and powerful.

Xuan Wu Quan

Is a powerful form from Wudang Mountain in China that combines Taiji, Xing Yi and Bagua into one form. Otherwise known as “Mysterious Warrior Fist” it is also called 2 Symbols boxing as it expertly combines the Yin and Yang. Tevia utilizes it’s explosive power, momentum principles ability to change from soft to hard and combinations.

Krav Maga

Means Contact Combat and is the most modern and advanced fighting system known to the public today. Krav Maga is a system designed originally during the Nazi Holocaust which became the system for the Israeli Defense Forces and is now used by elite special forces, high level bodyguards for politicians and the ultra wealthy. It is recognized as the most comprehensive reality based fighting system today.


Otherwise known as Pa Kua Chang, and often times pronounced “Bagwa Jang” is one of the three primary internal martial arts from China. It is really difficult to say where exactly Baguazhang originated because so many schools lay claim to it. In Emei Mountain they claim the original Baguazhang. The Taoists of Wudangshan claim they were the creators. Tevia Feng has trained with one man who claimed Qing Chen Mountain has the original Bagua. What most people do agree on is that Dong Hai Chuan (1797 (or 1813) to 1882) brought it to the forefront in public and was responsible for Bagua becoming famous throughout China when he used Bagua to defeat the Emperor’s top bodyguard, the then became his bodyguard. Dong Hai Chuan was said to have learned Bagua from Taoists and Buddhist monks although there are various accounts of how he actually learned it. What is more interesting is to look at the principles of what exactly Baguazhang is. Tevia utilizes the whipping body that Baguazhang develops for precise and powerful striking power and acupuncture point striking. Bagua is known for it’s lightening fast footwork. Tevia says that Bagua’s footwork is the best there is and utilizes this in his training to it’s fullest.

What comprises White Tiger Internal Martial Arts Training?

Internal energy self-defense (Martial Qigong)

Hand to hand combat

Modern Weapon Defenses, Disarms and attack

Tapping into the Animal Within




Telepathy training

Maximum Human Potential Training

Maximum Physical Conditioning

Maximum Breath Control

Maximum Qi control

Maximum Bodily control

How New and Old Systems Harmonize

Internal Martial Arts Body Mechanics with Modern Combat Combinations, Defenses and Attacks

Modern Weapons Defenses, Disarms and Attacks

Utilizing the Spirit of the Animal with Modern Combat

Modern Psychology of Combat and Traditional Meditation and Discipline

Through understanding these principles not only on an intellectual level, but more importantly expressing a physical understanding, you have the tools to achieve the highest levels on the 3 Paths of White Tiger Internal Martial Arts. White Tiger Internal Martial Arts is one of the most complex and profound of all the martial arts. It can take a lifetime to master, but the benefits and feeling it can bring to your life make it all the worthwhile. Not only will the end result be worthwhile, but also the journey of getting there is challenging, fun and you will grow in ways as a human being you might never have imagined possible.

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