Discover how Qigong can be used to strengthen your immune system

Master Instructor Tevia Feng, the founder of White Tiger Qigong has created a special FREE TRAINING to help people around the world strengthen their immune system and to keep fit and healthy during these unprecedented times.


Master Instructor Tevia Feng

White Tiger Qigong Founder and Webinar Host

About This Free Training Webinar

Since so many people are self-isolating and/or being quarantined, now is the time to practice Qigong.

We want to help and by doing so, we are grateful to offer our online to help to you during this difficult time. Master Instructor Tevia Feng has put together this free training to bring balance, strength and Classical Chinese Medicine techniques to support your health and wellbeing, completely free of charge.

Why 2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat in the Chinese Zodiac and how it connects to the lungs and dangers for the respiratory system.

How COVID-19 attacks you from a Classical Chinese Medicine Perspective from a Chinese Medicine doctor on the front lines in Wuhan.

How can Qigong be used to strengthen your immune system to fend off COVID-19 and or reduce symptoms.