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In levels 3-5, you will gain proficiency by adding the element of spirit to your practice using the 5 Elements and Animals. We will also be going deeper with breathing and meditation techniques. This week includes theory and practical elements required for your Teacher Certification. This is the week the Teacher Training really begins. You will have gained confidence in your practice and have learned the fine details of each form. You will do a video analysis of your forms, as well as practice to teach in small groups.

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What you will Learn in Levels 3-5

In this course, you will learn how to prescribe Qigong using modern sports science frameworks of fascia, and sports medicine. You will also learn how to prescribe Qigong using Chinese Medicine frameworks.

  • Qigong by Prescription – for body pain.
  • Qigong by Prescription for Emotional Balance
  • Applied Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory to Qigong for:
    • Chronic illness
    • High and low blood pressure
    • Imbalances
    • Much more!
  • How to Teach Qigong Forms
  • Students Teach Mock Classes
  • How to create niche workshops
  • How to Run Your Own Qigong School
  • Video Analysis

You will Also Get

  • Everything in Levels 1+2 plus:
  • 5 Animal Qigong Online Course ($149 value)
  • 200 Hours Training (Including at home study)
  • Teacher training manual PDF (80+ pages)
  • 5 Animal Qigong e-Book ($20 Value)
  • Meridian Qigong Exercises
  • Secret in-person-only Qigong Breathing technique
  • 2 months of Free Membership in the online Masterclass ($40 value)
  • Over $650 in Free Gifts
  • Access to an exclusive online community for WTQ students only
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