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Improve your Emotional Balance with Qigong. Experience True Freedom from Heavy Emotions Caused by the Stresses we Face Now.

Equip yourself with the ongoing knowledge, practice, and support you need to successfully overcome the stresses, grief and sadness caused by pandemics, lockdowns, political struggles, joblessness Financial losses and much more. White Tiger Qigong Founder and Master Instructor, Tevia Feng has combined years of knowledge and experience to deliver this exclusive training series to help bring balance to your emotions and let you lead a fulfilling life.

*Exclusively to the Free Qigong for Emotional Balance Training Course Attendees


What's Included In Emotional Balance 4 Online Course Bundle

Bundle 1: Qigong For Fear Online

Bundle 2: Qigong for Grief and Sadness Online Course

Bundle 3: Qigong for Worry and Anxiety Online Course

Bundle 4: Qigong for Stress and Anger Online Course

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