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Qigong to Strengthen the Bones

Category: Date: 13 December 2022 Comments: 0

Qigong to Strengthen the Bones 

Are you curious about practices like qigong to strengthen the bones? Are you having bone problems? Do you feel like aging has affected the strength of your bones? 

Using Qigong to Strengthen the bones is one of the most proven effective treatments for bone problems. Watch the FREE video above by White Tiger Qigong Instructor, Sky Yang, to learn a qigong to strengthen the bones. 

Our Bones

Sitting all day can weaken our bones. As we age, we lose bone density and we become weaker. Bone issues such as osteoporosis can happen as we age and lose bone density. Osteoporosis happens when we do not have good circulation in our bones. 

It is normal for all living beings to degenerate as we age. The normal development period of the human body is until the age of 20, and minor degeneration often starts by the age of 30. However, by the age of 40 degeneration starts to become more obvious and by 50 years of age, degeneration becomes very evident. 

There are different reasons for bone degeneration. At the age of 40 hormonal changes can contribute to bone degeneration. Bone density can also be reduced through repetitive, impact, pressure, and force through everyday accumulated work and movements. 

Another reason for degenerative changes in the bones is through inflammation and swollen bones due to accumulation of lesions and frictions. This can also affect the soft tissues that are around the area. 

Bone Structure

Our bones are composed of collagen. Collagen is a protein that is most abundant in the body. Our body adapts to continuous wear and tear of the body by reconstructing and restoring the damaged bone. 

Bone Strength and Aging

There are many causes of bone strength loss. Aging, excessive movement and pressure, accidents, and injuries are some of the common causes of bone strength loss. 

In order to maintain proper bone strength we must maintain proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. Bone strength loss can be prevented by consistent proper health choices and physical wellness. Improving bone mass may be achieved by doing correct and balanced exercises. Body weight exercises are very effective in bone mass improvement.

Chinese Medicine of Bone Strength 

In Chinese Medicine, the bones connect to the Water Element. The Water Element connects to the kidneys. It is also known in Chinese Medicine that the ligaments and tendons connect to the Wood Element, and connect to the liver. So, if there is deficiency or stagnation in the kidney, the bones will be weak or not in their best condition. The bones will not receive the proper nutrients if the kidney does not function well. At the same time, if there is malfunction of problems in the liver, the ligaments and tendons cannot maintain its proper health and will be weak. 

Therefore, in Chinese Medicine, the best way to achieve optimum bone strength is by maintaining good kidney and liver health. Nourishing the kidney and liver, also helps in avoiding early degeneration of the bones and joints. 

Qigong to Strengthen the Bones, How does it Work?

Gentle body weight exercises help gain better energy circulation. Proper energy circulation helps in slowing down loss of bone density. Practicing Qigong to strengthen the bones is very effective. Not only does it improve bone density, it also helps form proper structure which improves bone structure, balance, and posture. Having proper posture helps avoid injuries to bones, joints, and ligaments. Thus, having good posture helps improve overall bone strength.

In qigong bone strength is also related to longevity. Modern science has proven that there is a direct link between bone marrow and longevity. 

In the some qigong forms, such as the 5 Element Qigong we nourish the organs, such as the kidney and liver. As we have discussed earlier, the kidney and liver are organs that are very essential to bone strength.

Qigong to Strengthen the Bones

Dragon Qigong – 5 Element Qigong 

The Dragon Qigong from the 5 Element Qigong connects to the Water Element and connects to the kidney. The movement of the Dragon Qigong helps invigorate the Kidney through gentle compression and release. Through this gentle compression and release we wring out the toxins in the kidney allowing for fresh energy to flow in that area. This energizes the kidney and allows it to reach its optimum health to function well and nourish the bones. 

The twisting of the Dragon Qigong in the lower back, compresses the kidney. As we release this position we open up the kidney so that fresh energy can flow inside that area. This serves like a pump that releases stagnations and blockages in the kidney.

Leopard Qigong – 5 Element Qigong 

The Leopard Qigong from the 5 Element Qigong, connects to the Wood Element. In Chinese Medicine, the Wood Element connects to the Liver. The Leopard Qigong’s movement helps compress and release the Liver. Through this movement we help vitalize the Liver and help it function best. 

The stretching movement of the Leopard Qigong helps stretch the liver after it has been compressed when doing the Leopard Qigong on the opposite side in the first round. This helps the liver receive fresh flow of energy and improve vitality and health of the liver.

Tiger Qigong – 5 Element Qigong

As we compress of the upper back this helps squeeze the lungs. This helps release any stagnations and blockages that limits the vitality and health of the lungs. As we release this position we bring in fresh energy, allowing the function of the lungs to reach optimum health.As we compress of the upper back this helps squeeze the lungs. This helps release any stagnations and blockages that limits the vitality and health of the lungs. As we release this position we bring in fresh energy, allowing the function of the lungs to reach optimum health.

5 Element Qigong For Bone Strength

Try our 5 Element Qigong online course to know more about these qigong exercises. Through this course you will learn all the 5 Element Qigong forms. If you are looking for practices to help strengthen your bones all of these exercises are very helpful. Click the banner below to direct you to the 5 Element Qigong online course page.

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