Discover the perfect fusion of Yoga and Qigong

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Cutting-Edge Fusion of Yoga and Qigong

Your opportunity to cultivate inner and outer harmony, deepen self-awareness, strengthen your body, and level up.

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What You'll Learn:

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Take Your Practice To The Next Level

Each exercise will soften and strengthen your back naturally through gentle stretching exercises coupled with slow, deep breathing. Here's what you'll get:

Hi, my name is Ariel Tang, your Instructor...
And it's Time to Fuse Yoga with 5 Elements and Ancient Qigong


Growing up in Hong Kong, I have always been fascinated by the application of Chinese Medicine wellness concepts in everyday life and in my practice.


This is a way to fuse two ancient arts into a beautiful flow that will take your practice to a whole new level. I have focused on blending the beautiful practices of Qigong and yoga as a movement and energetic medicine to support holistic health as they are practices that compliment each other.


Dramatic. And I am so glad I did it. Now, yogis around the world are starting to fuse Qigong and yoga together. Check it out and find out why.

This Qigong and yoga fusion I have created was inspired by White Tiger Qigong’s 5 Element Qigong and I was then given the honor to create this blend.

White Tiger Qigong has a truly unique, fully integrated, holistic system of training of Qigong, specializing in deep, dynamic ancient Qigong for...

Our program fuses the ancient art of Qigong with cutting-edge science that transforms your mobility and mindfulness while maximizing your potential.

What The Student's Say

What The Student's Say

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