Learn from a Qigong Master Instructor & Become a Certified White Tiger Qigong Instructor in Thailand

Medical Qigong has been a long-standing fixture in physical, mental, and spiritual health for over 5,000 years and continues to carry the same benefits as it did so long ago. Dynamic movements, posture, breathing methods, and focus are all hallmarks of Qigong practice. For dedicated practitioners, high levels of flexibility, mobility, strength, stamina, and boosted immune systems are its true advantages.

White Tiger Qigong is a modern version of this enduring practice, blending ancient Taoist Qigong and Chinese medicine with modern science, medicine, and movements. There are many extant styles of Qigong, but White Tiger Qigong stands out in the crowd as a respectful and spirited update of the original practice. 

If you are interested in Qigong and are looking for the right practice to learn and teach to others, White Tiger Qigong Master Instructor Tevia Feng encourages you to take the next steps to achieve that noble goal: enroll in one of White Tiger Qigong’s teacher events!

Medical Qigong Teacher Training: 5 Animal Qigong (Module B)

White Tiger Qigong offers several teacher training modules throughout the year, which follow the Body-Breath-Spirit principle and focus primarily on specific forms of 5 Animal Qigong. Currently, Module A of the 5 Animal Qigong training program is taking place, concluding later this month. 

White Tiger Qigong is excited to announce that, on the heels of Module A, enrollment for Module B is officially open. If you are worried that you missed Module A, do not worry – all training modules can stand alone. There is no need to complete all three modules to become an instructor, although it could only help your practice. 

Module B is a three-week retreat offered from February 3, 2020, to February 22, 2020, at the Tao Garden (Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai Road, Thailand). 

This event is an excellent opportunity for the student to become the teacher by learning how to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit through ancient Qigong forms, philosophy, breathing techniques, and modern science. You can enroll for one week, two weeks, or three weeks depending on your preferences and goals; however, you cannot fulfill the requirements to become a White Tiger Qigong instructor unless you complete all three weeks of the program (200 hours.)

  • Week One: Body – You will learn the sequence of forms 3 & 4 from the Five Animals (Crane, Bear, Monkey, Tiger, and Deer).
  • Week Two: Breath – Breathing is essential to Qigong practice as it is vital in centering, relaxing, and healing one’s body and mind. This week, you will learn how to add breath to the movements and open the gates. 
  • Week Three: Spirit – This week will allow you to go even deeper into Qigong by adding the Spirit element to your own practice through advanced breathing and meditation techniques. Additionally, this week will include the theory and practical elements necessary for Teacher Certification. 

Arrive as a Student and Transform into A Possible Instructor

The Medical Qigong Teacher Training: 5 Animal Qigong (Module B) is a unique experience that is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. If you have already completed Module A or C and these practices sound familiar, Master Instructor Tevia Feng will provide new, more advanced techniques to add to your repertoire as you become an instructor or enhance your methods.

If you want to challenge yourself to learn and teach White Tiger Qigong, you can learn more about the Medical Qigong Teacher Training: 5 Animal Qigong (Module B) Weeks 1-3 and enroll today

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