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8 Trigram Qigong

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8 Trigram Qigong

The 8 Trigram Qigong Master Course and Teacher Training will be available again soon. Are you interested in learning an exercise that will allow you to connect with the way of nature? Does gentle, easy, and flowy movement interest you? Well, you are in the right place and time. Good news! The 8 Trigram Qigong Teacher Training course of White Tiger Qigong will open again and begin February 6th, 2023. In this blog we will talk about White Tiger Qigong’s 8 Trigram course to help you understand more about it.

First of all, let’s discuss what qigong is.

What is Qigong?

Qigong is an ancient system of practice that is a balance of movement and meditation. In literal translation, Qi means “energy” and Gong means “to work”. When these two concepts combine it literally means “working with energy”. The name itself suggests that qigong needs work, effort, and discipline to be able to cultivate and harness good energy. 

Brief History of Qigong

The origin of qigong dates back to ancient Chinese culture. Qigong has been around for about 5,000 years. There are about 3,000 different kinds of qigong. All of these different types of qigong also have different functions and benefits. Some of these include preventive and cure for illnesses and diseases, power and strength cultivation, improving character, and spiritual practice. 

Different kinds of qigong also blend different qigong traditions and roots. Qigong has grown fast and has been open more for the masses to practice during the cultural revolution of the 70s. Today, qigong is slowly growing worldwide. 

Next, let’s discuss the 8 Trigram.

The 8 Trigram / Bagua

The 8 Trigram or the Baguais one of the ancient Chinese philosophies that incorporates 8 different parts of reality or nature. In literal translation Ba means “eight” and Gua means “areas”. These areas include: Heaven, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Mountain and Lake.

The 8 Trigram or Bagua may be very familiar to some as many different Chinese practices base their system in the Bagua or 8 Trigram  such as Feng Shui, qigong, Chinese Medicine, and many more. 

The 8 Trigram or Bagua is mentioned in the I-Ching also known as the Book of Changes. I-Ching has been one of the major essential books in Chinese philosophy which talks about how to understand and apprehend the universe, decode the forces of nature, and teaches the way of life. 

The complete History and evolution of the 8 Trigram is very difficult to trace. A lot of the information about the origin and roots of this ancient art was lost during the cultural revolution. The origin of the 8 Trigram includes both mythical and cultural roots. The creation of the 8 Trigram has helped in understanding the way of nature and applied them in their daily life and practices. 

Now that we have discussed what qigong is and the 8 Trigram or Bagua, let’s now move to learning about the 8 Trigram Qigong. 

What is 8 Trigram Qigong

The 8 Trigram Qigong is a set of 8 flowy and gentle qigong exercises. These gentle and flowy exercises are helpful for healing, cultivating energy, and connecting to your breath. Through this exercise you can reach your highest potential to serve your purpose and tasks in life. 

This course is self-paced, so you can feel free to do it at your own time and space. Zoom live meetings are available at different times in a week to help serve the different time zones of our students. However, if you still find that the time and space does not fit you can still watch the classes through the class recordings which will be available in your course outline after uploading after the live class. 

How does the 8 Trigram Qigong work?

The 8 Trigram Qigong achieves such great results and benefits by using grounding stances. These grounding stances help pump energy to the body. In the 8 Trigram Qigong, we also mobilize the spine through its full range of motion in all directions. These movements help gently and rhythmically massage the internal organs. This helps release stagnations and blockages in the internal organs and opens up the body’s energy pathways (meridians). The variety of movements using the major joints in the body helps increase the body’s range of motion. In the 8 Trigram Qigong, we also use the breath which helps improve the function and health of the nervous system. Through movement and breath, we allow our body to relax and reach a deeper meditation state or flow state. This helps improve concentration, focus, and intention which helps improve the skill of inner listening. 

Who can do this?

The 8 Trigram Qigong can be done by anyone. Our program is open to all levels and ages. This qigong system is very gentle and slow and you can adjust at your own level and speed that best fits for you. 

You don’t need to be ill or sick to begin your qigong journey. Qigong is also best to avoid illnesses and diseases to allow the fresh flow of energy in your body to reach your maximum potential. 

Benefits of 8 Trigram Qigong

  • Strengthen your body
  • Promote spinal health
  • Improve physiological responses
  • Enhance energy flow within your body
  • Aid in stress-reduction
  • Sharpen your mental focus
  • Bring emotional balance
  • Expand Body Awareness
  • Discover Greater Mobility
  • Build Increased Stability

The 8 Trigram Qigong

Advanced 3D Motion Capture Animation

The 8 Trigram Qigong course of White Tiger Qigong is a one-of-a kind program. It has an advanced 3D animation created from motion capture technology. Enjoy learning with the beautiful animation and background inviting you to feel a very oriental vibe.

Through this 3D animation motion capture videos you can see the movement from different angles: Front, Side, and, Top. This is a one of a kind technology innovation for online qigong courses by White Tiger Qigong.

The 8 Trigram Qigong Exercises

  1. Throwing the Trash

Uses the 6 Healing Sounds to release pent up emotions

8 Trigram Qigong - Throwing Away the Trash
  1. The Wave/Dragon Back

Is a good back massages the internal organs and loosens up the spine for a supple back and deep relaxation

8 Trigram Qigong - The Wave / Dragon Back
  1. Dragon Whips its Tail 

Helps re energize and fill the 3 Dan Tians

8 Trigram Qigong - Dragon Whips its Tail
  1. Serving Teacups 

Helps loosens up the shoulders, relieves a tight neck and back

8 Trigram Qigong - Serving Teacups
  1. Rabbit Springs

Serves as a massages the intestines for better digestion and elimination

8 Trigram Qigong - Rabbit Springs
  1. Separating Heaven and Earth 

Squeezes out the spleen and liver for balancing worry and anxiety and improved digestion, releases spinal and shoulder tension

Separating Heaven and Earth
  1. Spiral Palms 

A spiraling movement exercise that helps massages the internal organs while wringing out the meridians

Spiral Palms
  1. Dragon Ball 

A flowing Qigong exercise that is great for tight wrists and feels great for your back while massaging the internal organs

Dragon Ball

What to Expect in this Course

There are 5 Levels in this course. You can take level 1 to 5 depending on your need. For practitioners who don’t find the calling to certify as a teacher we suggest that you take up to level 4. For those who want to certify for the 8 Trigram Qigong teacher certification you will need to finish up to level 5. 

Level 1 – BODY

Included in this course:

  • A balanced, yet comprehensive mix of Qigong theory, and the science behind it.
  • 8 Qigong Exercises
  • Mindset training
  • Qigong Meditation
  • Qigong Neuroscience
  • Qigong Breathing Techniques
  • 6 Healing Sounds

Level 2 – BREATH

Included in this course:

  • Includes Level 1
  • Align your body and breath
  • Fusing the Sports Science of Fascia, kinetic chains and Qi in Qigong Qi from a scientific perspective
  • Integrating Qi into your practice from a sports science perspective
  • Mastering breath in movement
  • A proven technique to cut your learning time down by months and even possibly years.

Level 3 – SPIRIT

Included in this course:

  • Includes Levels 1 and 2
  • Tap into flow states in Qigong
  • Discover an inner world and go deep into a trance like state with Qigong to find your true potential
  • Understand spirit of Qigong and how to apply it to your practice

Level 4 – Prescription Qigong


Fuse modern prescription frameworks from sports medicine, including fascia science, together with ancient frameworks from Chinese Medicine, in an East-meets-West approach. This is a modern, cutting-edge prescription process using ancient Qigong to heal the following:

  • chronic fatigue
  • body pain such as low back, neck, shoulder, and wrist pain
  • adrenal burn out
  • excessive emotions such as stress, anger, grief, sadness
  • More

Included in this course:

  • Trinity System Chinese Medicine Course
  • Trinity System Fascia Course
  • Prescription Qigong Applications Course



Become a Qigong teacher! Educate, inspire and assist others on the path of health and well-being. White Tiger Qigong appies a proven modern teaching system created by professional educators to help you achieve your teaching goals. Come on board and create the Qigong school you dream of.

Included in this course:

  • All Levels
  • How to Teach Qigong
  • How to teach different size classes
  • Course design​
  • Qigong as a career​
  • Videos of other WTQ teachers teaching Qigong
  • Video analysis test
  • Theory test
  • Opportunity to become a certified White Tiger Qigong teacher
  • Opportunities to become a licensed Qigong School

3 Steps to Become a Certified Qigong Teacher

So how can you become a certified Qigong teacher? Just like the word qigong, nothing comes without work and discipline. To become a certified Qigong Teacher you will need the following:

  • Complete all weeks of training ( more than 120 hours – theory, practice & self-study).
  • Complete an additional 30 hours of self-study/practice post-training.
  • Then take an at-home test as well as submit your forms for video analysis.
  • By undertaking this 5-level course plus at-home study & practice you will have completed a minimum of 150 hours of training.

Don’t worry if this seems overwhelming we also offer assistant teacher training support. A White Tiger Qigong Instructor will be more than happy to assist you in this process. 

What is Included in this Course?

If you think by enrolling in this course you will just learn the 8 Trigram Qigong, guess what? There’s more! Here are some more extra knowledges that you will get by enrolling in this course

  • Trinity System Chinese Medicine Fundamentals
  • The Meridians of Chinese Medicine
  • The 3 Treasures
  • The 5 Elements
  • Organ Qi Clock
  • Yin and Yang
  • The organ relationship with emotions
  • Applications of Chinese Medicine to this Qigong
  • Sports Science: Trinity System Fascia Course
  • New developments keep changing our reality.
  • Fascia anatomy revolutionizes the way we understand movement, strength, and support of the body.
  • It’s time to upgrade your knowledge, prevent injury and move easier.
  • And more

Join the 8 Trigram Qigong Teacher Training

I hope this blog has helped you understand more about the 8 Trigram Qigong. This is really a rich and deep practice that is worth it to learn. It is something you can take with you for the rest of your life. To join the upcoming 8 Trigram Qigong Teacher Training click the banner below. Looking forward to having you in this course and wishin you the best in your wonderful qigong journey.

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