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5 Element Qigong Online Course

Come Back and Join the Movement

The Most Advanced and Comprehensive 5 Element Qigong Online Course Available For Beginners to Advanced Practitioners


The first Qigong online course of it’s kind, the Dynamic 5 Element Qigong is associated with a different internal organ and related meridian. Each animal form works to heal and bring into balance the internal organs and the meridians of the body. Each animal represents a different element of the 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine.

This is taught in an easy to follow, step by step program with over 50 lesson topics! After completing this course you will have gained superior knowledge in 5 Element Qigong, the Sports Science of Fascia and Ancient Chinese Medicine.

After completing the lesson topics you will be able to take a test. If you pass the test, you will get a certification.

There are 4 Lessons one can take:

5 Element Qigong - Qigong Exercises: In this part of the course we delve into Dragon Qigong, Tiger Qigong, Leopard Qigong, Snake Qigong and Crane Qigong. There are 5 lesson topics and 5 quizzes.
Meridian Qigong - Meridian Qigong for 5 Element: In this part of the course we delve into Meridian Qigong for the 5 Elements. There is 1 lesson topic.
Chinese Medicine - 5 Element: In this part of the course we delve into Chinese Medicine Fundamentals, Chinese Medicine 5 Elements, Meridians and Chinese Medicine for 5 Element. There are 34 lesson topics.
Fascia - 5 Element: In this part of the course we delve into Sports Science: Fascia and Fascia for 5 Element Qigong. There are 16 lesson topics and 8 quizzes.

This means you can now access the same training with updated materials and flexible study times anywhere in the world and at a time that suits your needs.

We encourage you to complete all four sections over 12 weeks. The online Training follows the Body-Breath-Spirit principle.

You will receive a Certificate if you pass the final exam.


In Qigong Exercises, you will focus on learning:
  • Dragon Qigong
  • Tiger Qigong
  • Leopard Qigong
  • Snake Qigong
  • Crane Qigong
In Meridian Qigong, you will focus on learning:
  • Meridian Qigong for 5 Element Qigong
In Chinese Medicine, you will focus on learning:
  • Chinese Medicine Fundamentals
    • Fundamental – Intro
    • Fundamental – Yin Yang
    • Fundamental – 3 Dantians
    • Fundamental – 3 Treasures
    • Fundamental – Organ Clock
  • Chinese Medicine 5 Elements
    • 5 Element – Introduction
    • 5 Element- Earth
    • 5 Element – Fire
    • 5 Element – Metal
    • 5 Element – Water
    • 5 Element – Wood
    • 5 Element – Recap
  • Meridians
    • Meridians – Introduction
    • Meridians – Fire Heart
    • Meridians – Fire Small Intestine
    • Meridians – Fire Pericardium
    • Meridians – Fire Sanjiao
    • Meridians – Earth Spleen
    • Meridians – Earth Stomach
    • Meridians – Metal Lung
    • Meridians – Large Intestine
    • Meridians – Water Kidney
    • Meridians – Water Urinary Bladder
    • Meridians – Wood Liver
    • Meridians – Wood Gall Bladder
    • Meridians – Extra Ren
    • Meridians – Extra Du
    • Meridians – Extra Girdling
    • Meridians – Recap
  • Chinese Medicine for 5 Element Qigong
    • Chinese Medicine – Dragon Qigong
    • Chinese Medicine – Tiger Qigong
    • Chinese Medicine – Leopard Qigong
    • Chinese Medicine – Snake Qigong
    • Chinese Medicine – Crane Qigong
  • In Fascia, you will focus on learning:
    • New* Sports Science: Fascia
      • Fascia Intro
      • What is Fascia
      • Fascia Ingredients
      • Fascia Hydration
      • Fascia As Friend
      • Tensegrity
      • Fascia Movement
      • Fascia Organization 1
      • Fascia Organization 2
      • Fascia And Qigong/Martial Arts
    • Fascia for 5 Element Qigong
      • Fascia for 5 Element Qigong Intro
      • Fascia – Dragon Qigong
      • Fascia – Tiger Qigong
      • Fascia – Snake Qigong
      • Fascia – Leopard Qigong
      • Fascia – Crane Qigong


Bonus 1: Beginner's Mindset Online Course
($50 Value)

Having a Beginner's Mindset is crucial for learning not only Qigong, but for just about anything. In this short mini-course, you will understand how to create the optimal mindset for learning White Tiger Qigong.

Bonus 2: Foundations of Qigong Online Course:
($50 Value)

Discover Qigong, the Foundations, Meaning and Practice within this FREE Qigong training. Master Instructor Tevia Feng and Founder of White Tiger Qigong, answers the questions around ‘What is Qigong?’, the ancient foundations of Qigong and why it remains relevant for every day modern life. He also teaches a few key White Tiger Qigong exercises.


Sign up to the self-paced 5 element qigong online course by picking from one of the payment options below:

$110.00 / month for 2 months


Sign up to the self-paced 5 element qigong online course now by picking from one of the payment options below:

$110.00 / month for 2 months

What our students say

Thea Fruelund Nejsum

Thea Fruelund Nejsum/Denmark


For years i have known of the word Qi gong but never really known what it was. So about 6 months ago i discovered it via Youtube. I have just tried it few times but i must say i am amazed how direct i feel the effect and connection with both the movements and the energy. I have tried yoga and Tai Chi and I do meditation ( which is real good) but this is the first time i feel connected to a "style".

I feel it is my thing. i am exited about it and I want to learn and understand more. Master Tevia was a fun, patient and great teacher. I really enjoyed the qigong training. I have a dream to become a fully certified White Tiger Qigong Instructor.

Doriane Gillet- France

Doriane Gillet


"Tevia is one-of-a-kind teacher and I recommend to anyone wanting to know more about Qi Gong, to improve his/her own practice, or to discover Qi Gong, to participate in one of Tevia's trainings. He has accumulated a lot of knowledge from highly respected masters throughout the years, and it is a real honour to receive some of these teachings. The 3-week teacher training course I attended in September 2016 helped me deepen my spiritual journey.

I got a better understanding of my body and ways to respect it and keep in good health, through Qi gong movements, breathing techniques and meditation. It was also an amazing opportunity to meet people from around the world, who are now great friends, and from whom I have learned a lot. I am grateful to Tevia for this great experience!"

Questions? We have answers.

The course has been designed for all experience levels. You do not need any prior experience to join.
You can pay online via our order form with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal. If you would prefer a direct debit – do pop us a message and we can get that set up for you.
We currently have two options, pay in full or, spread the payment over 2 equal payments.
Yes, the price is in US dollars
All our courses are hosted on our advanced learning platform. After you sign up, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to access your course. You’ll be able to save your progress and access it from a desktop as well as mobile.
Almost instantly. The course has no start date or limits to complete.
The course is self-paced and you can study at any pace you have time for. Our recommendations would be to study for a minimum of 2-5 hours per week. For optimal practice 1 hour per day 5-6 days per week.
You will have lifetime access to this course as well as access to updated materials if and when they are released.
If you are not satisfied with this course or wish to cancel, we would be happy to convert the amount paid into credits and you may use those credits to pay in full or partially pay for any other White Tiger Qigong course within 30-days from your purchase date. Access to this course will be revoked at the time of the transfer. 
This certificate is for your own self-development but does not qualify you to teach White Tiger Qigong. See https://whitetigerqigong.com/teacher-certification/ for details of upcoming teacher training courses.


Sign up to the self-paced 5 element qigong online course now by picking from one of the payment options below:

$110.00 / month for 2 months