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Qigong for Pregnancy PP

$105.00 / month for 2 months

This program of Qigong forms has been carefully put together to support and nourish your journey through pregnancy as well as to prepare you and your baby for labour. White Tiger Qigong comes from an ancient lineage of Taoist Medical Qigong practices that were carefully formulated to care for you holistically, in harmony with nature.

You are not just getting a physical workout, you also incorporate breathing techniques, do breathing meditations, visualisations, and learn to direct your spirit – your intention – to really enhance the experience of the practice. If you just move your body, that is just exercise, right? But if you learn to move your body in conjunction with these other techniques, you can achieve deep levels of relaxation, from the skin, right down through the muscles, meridians (which are channels of energy, or Qi), organs, and even into the bones. This supports health and wellbeing in a way that regular exercise cannot.


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Pregnancy is a time when you want to take the best care of yourself, support yourself through the process, and prepare yourself for childbirth and beyond. A number of physical and hormonal changes occur during the different stages of pregnancy, to help your body to accommodate your growing baby. Getting active during your pregnancy should make it easier for your body to adapt to these changes, to cope with labour, and for post-partum recovery. 

 White Tiger “Qigong for Pregnancy” course will help you from pregnancy to delivery of your baby.

If you are physically active, it will impact positively your child’s health. It has been shown that even prior to birth, the babies of exercising mothers had developed “stronger, more athletic hearts” than the babies of sedentary mums (May et al., 2011).

Qigong for pregnancy has gentle steps are easy to learn, even for women who have never exercised before. A pregnant woman can do Qigong to:

  • strengthen her body to support herself during pregnancy and prepare for labour,
  • cleanse her own Qi, and strengthen and circulate this life force energy for the baby inside, and 
  • help reduce common pregnancy concerns, such as back pain, swelling and rising blood pressure.

In this Qigong online course you will discover:

  • Meridian Qigong – designed to safely mobilise your joints, moving them gently through their full range of motion, and activate your major muscles, as well as improve energy flow through the body’s energy pathways, or Meridians. 
  • Pregnancy Prescription Qigong – helps the expectant mother – you – to develop core strength, suppleness, stamina and stability, while enhancing the flow of Qi through the body. These practices also give you a gentle, internal organ massage, promote circulation, loosen tight shoulders,  back muscles and fascia, and relieve back pain. Other benefits include improved focus, more efficient breathing, and learning how to deepen the relaxation response. This can not only help you to let go of stress or tension, but can also improve sleep patterns, and have a restorative effect, leaving one feeling refreshed and more energised. 
  • 5 Animal Qigong for Pregnancy – forms to gently enhance abdominal circulation, improve balance, dilate meridians in the arms and legs, strengthen the lower body, train coordination, gently massage your organs and your baby, balance the emotions, develop upper-body mobility and much more. 
  • Stances and Stretches – help to mobilise the hip, deeply stretch the leg muscles, increase core strength and postural stability, and strengthen the lower back. Developing and maintaining strength, mobility, flexibility and stability will help you to better meet the demands placed upon your body as it goes through the changes associated with pregnancy, and also set you up for healthier labour.
  • Qigong in the Water – This specially formulated water Qigong takes you through breathing techniques for improving breathing patterns and strengthening the respiratory system, Qigong for increasing mobility, strength and balance, Qigong which gently massages and invigorates the organs, movement for alleviating back pain, and even a birthing simulation exercise. 

Qigong studies show that practising this modality during pregnancy can relieve anxiety and depression, reduce high blood pressure, improve breathing patterns, promote musculoskeletal fitness, enhance mother/foetus interaction, and much more. Getting active in the pool has even been shown to be supportive of normal foetal growth.