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Zen Qigong

Category: Date: 23 July 2022 Comments: 0

Zen Qigong

A man doing qigong meditation in front of the ocean at sunset

In this article, we will discuss Zen Qigong. Zen is derived from the Chinese word “Chan” which is the Chinese translation of meditation. Zen is a practice of meditation using intuition. The term “Zen” means having a personal connection with your own mind and higher energy outside of yourself. When one is in a state of Zen, it means you are one and in peace with your own thoughts. In other terms, this also relates to self-awareness, consciousness, awakening, and many more. 

Qigong is an ancient practice of ancient Chinese descent. When you say qigong, Qi means “energy”, and Gong means “to work on”. Qigong literally translates to “working on energy” or “energy work”.

So when you say Zen Qigong it can be described as consciously being one with self while working on energy through movement and meditation. How can we do this? First, we work on the body, which is the external alchemy. When we have good external or physical foundations in qigong, we can go deeper into practice and harmonize with more subtle energy. Through this, we can reach zen qigong. 



Through qigong, the movements help in the cultivation and proper circulation of energy in the body. In qigong, we use movement, breathing techniques, and meditation. This strengthens the body, mind, and spirit. The body is an important foundation of qigong. Once the body is strong, the structure of the body is in alignment and we have mastery in movement, we can harmonize movement with breath. After this, we can begin more in-depth qigong practice, which is the spirit. From here we can then reach deeper alchemy. If the body is weak, we cannot move forward to deeper alchemy because we cannot focus and feel the subtle energy. 


Meditation – Reaching Zen Qigong

Through studying and practice, we refine qigong. In the beginning, our movement may seem calculated, but as we deepen our practice we can reach a point of meditation and flow state.

Qigong is a moving meditation. Through qigong, we can reduce modern problems such as stress which is an effect of the overactive mind.


What is Qigong Theory?

In qigong, we study movements and we also study theory. Qigong theory includes terms and definitions that help to understand the fundamentals of qigong. Some of these include the 3 Dantians, 3 Treasures, and 3 Harmonies. 

3 Dantians 

The 3 Dantians are the Lower Dantian, Middle Dantian, and Upper Dantian. The Lower Dantian houses our life source (Jing) and is known as the “battery storage system” of the body. It is located approximately, 3 fingers below the navel and 3 knuckles behind. The Middle Dantian is in the chest area, behind the sternum. When the Middle Dantian is in good condition it helps fund energy (Qi) to the organs and allows healthy body functions. The Upper Dantian houses the Spirit (Shen). When the Upper Dantian is in good condition we have a clearer perception, good focus, and have a more peaceful way of living.

3 Treasures

This refers to the 3 energy sources of the body, the Jing, Qi, and Shen. Jing is our life source which we get at birth. When there is enough Jing, it transforms to qi and moves up to the middle dantian. Qi is the energy that our bodies use in our daily activities. We can also cultivate it from external sources such as the food and drink we eat. When there is enough qi, it transforms to Shen and moves up to the upper dantian. Shen also known as spirit, it connects to the concept of consciousness, awareness, awakening and many more. 

3 Harmonies

The 3 Harmonies are the Body-Breath-Spirit. These 3 must work together harmoniously to cultivate the 3 Treasures. All of these 3 are used in qigong. Without one of the 3 Harmonies, it is not qigong.  

Qigong’s theory also includes the history of qigong. By understanding the history and the roots of qigong, we understand how and why qigong works. 


Zen Qigong Practice

Zen Qigong is a state in qigong where we are able to reach a meditative state. In this state, we reach oneness with our being and all. We can reach Zen through qigong practice. To reach this, we need to be consistent in our practice. The body is an important foundation of qigong, we cannot skip this part. When we do not cultivate the body, we cannot focus our energy on doing deeper and more subtle energy work or meditation. Zen Qigong is a very good practice, this will help us face our everyday lives peacefully and with more focus. 

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