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White Tiger Qigong practices: Modern meets Ancient

Category: Date: 10 July 2021 Comments: 1

“If Qigong is an ancient practice, how does White Tiger able to meet the Modern medicine?” This is a common question of people who are curious to know more about White Tiger Qigong and its practices. “Is this even possible? How?” This is the usual question we meet everytime.

White Tiger Qigong system and practices, is not just focus on the ancient traditional healing techniques like 5 Element and Chinese Medicine but it also digs deep to Modern Research of Meridians and Muscle Fascia. This however, helped us to discover a unique Qigong practice holistically. We use a modern cutting edge science to back our system of healing and explore the connection of Qigong and Sports science, how our body works using ancient practices and anatomy. We don’t just teach and give clarity on how to understand qi and how to tap into this energy to reach your full potential but also how to make your body stronger.

White Tiger Qigong Practices

Ancient Traditional Connection

Qigong is a collection of movements, stances, and postures that will to give balance to the body, mind, and spirit. This ancient practice takes a different understanding of life, force, or energy that radiates around everything in the universe. Records show that qi and its effects are as old as 3,300 years around the Shang dynasty written in oracle bones and Zhou dynasty in bronze items. After that, many publishing companies are printing more books for people to read and learn

One of the pillars of Traditional Chinese medicine is following and addressing the disharmony within the body. Using the contrasting forces of yin and yang (陰陽) we can create a balance flow of energy (qi). In Chinese medicine, Qi is active and stored in three main dantian. Dantians are energy field of the body where the meridians (Jīng Luò 經絡) travel. The meridians connects with the twelve main organs (Zàng fǔ 臟腑). 

Each zàng-fǔ organ has a yin and a yang side. The zàng organs are more to be yin, and the fǔ organs yang. The organs that imbodies the zàng-fǔ organ connects with each of the 5 Elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood).

Here are the correstponding organs of zàng-fǔ and the 5 Elements

  • Fire (火) = Heart (心) and Small Intestine (小肠) (and, secondarily, Sānjiaō [三焦, ‘’Triple Burner‘’] and Pericardium [心包])
  • Earth (土) = Spleen (脾) and Stomach (胃)
  • Metal (金) = Lung (肺) and Large Intestine (大肠)
  • Water (水) = Kidney (肾) and Bladder (膀胱)
  • Wood (木) = Liver (肝) and Gallbladder (胆)

Modern Medicine

The western practice of treatment involves study of anatomy which includes organs, fascia and others. Western medicine is separating the body’s individual diagnosis and looks at each system differently. As a result, we need different specialists such as a psychiatrist for mental wellbeing, endocrinologist for hormonal, metabolism disorders like diabetes, thyroids and others to deal with different issues in our body. Western medicine needs orthopedic doctors when we break have any issues with our bones, ligaments and joints. As a result, the patient care system is based on the specific part that is affected. In short, each single part of the body is dealt with separately instead of considering how the systems connects and relates to each other.

However, there are also problems where Modern medicine is the right and only answer for instance, food and metal poisoning. These kind of problems should always be treated in the hospitals.

Modern meets Ancient Traditional practice through White Tiger Qigong

We believe that our body is a temple, like a house we need constant cleaning and maintenance to keep pests, grime, dirt or anything that will destroy it. We can see that our body has different rooms and spaces and each has a different purpose but belong to one house, one system that our spirit reside. White Tiger Qigong practices that addresses the common human goal; health, longevity, flexibility and wellbeing. Aside from the being a good remedy for Anxiety and over all emotional balance, Qigong helps with flexibility and develop muscular stamina and even trauma.

Is White Tiger Qigong right for me?

Though some people see it as a dynamic and soft practice this is not your typical “grandma’s practice”. We follow a system called White Tiger Qigong Trinity system. A signature feature of this White Tiger Qigong practices that trains the practitioner to become flexible, yet strong and fluid all at the same time. This is practiced in our Dynamic Qigong forms like 8 Trigram, 5 Element and 5 Animals. During WhiteTiger Qigong Trainings, you will learn balancing, deep stretching in low stances, to spinal twists that deeply massages the internal organs.

So is this path for you? You may check what Qigong Forms to study before you decide and . We all take different paths as we have different things to consider. Firstly, consider your body’s capability and potential. How deep you want to learn? Secondly, always consider to take time to train slowly but surely. Last but not the least, always approach things with a humble “beginner’s mindset”.

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