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Visit Thailand: why you should master White Tiger Qigong where it all began

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When we think about Qigong, we can see how it becomes different things to different people. For some it’s a way of healing pains and injuries; for others, it’s a comprehensive and full-bodied form of exercise. Yet more still practice it as a martial art, that cultivates their confidence and physical capability. Some even use it simply as a means of breathe control, experiencing perfect mindfulness through physical awareness and mastery of the body.

All of these kinds of approaches and uses are viable — Qigong can be all of these things. But not one singular definition of perspective can really capture the potential of what Qigong can be for you. And the reason for that is because the transformative potential of Qigong is nearly limitless.

You may be practicing Qigong yourself. Maybe you want to learn how to share the gift of Qigong with others? Perhaps you’re struggling to see what more Qigong can be? Are there new ways to heal and transform yourself through Qigong yet undiscovered?  Well, to understand that, it may help to go back to where it all began — the heart of Far East Asia.

And there, in Thailand, we find the home of the most comprehensive form of Qigong ever created – the school of White Tiger Qigong and its founder Master Tevia Feng.


Meet TeviaTevia Feng

White Tiger Qigong is a school of Martial, Medical, and Daoist Qigong that harnesses Tevia Feng’s encyclopedic knowledge of internal martial art forms gained through the lifelong pursuit of perfecting Qigong and internal martial arts. Since Feng was seven years old, he’s practiced and explored Qigong, incorporating the knowledge and wisdom of over a dozen masters, hermits and Doaist Masters spread all across China.

Through study and exploration, Feng would come to combine numerous art forms including traditional Qigong, Medical Qigong, Xuan Wu Quan, and numerous other forms of both physical and internal martial art. He’s even studied under the Western military: Feng is a graduate of the Tactical Awareness school, completed under the tutelage of a SEAL Team Six veteran.

Through study, reflection and the creation of White Tiger Qigong, Feng’s worked with dancers, athletes, CEO’s, cancer patients, injured soldiers, yogis, and other martial artists – all with the intention of sharing his knowledge to heal and transform. And this is where your own Qigong training comes in.


Teacher Training in Thailand

White Tiger has it’s home in the Tao Garden, nestled in the forests north of the beautiful Thai city of Chang Mai. To master the art of Qigong and learn how to teach these new forms and potentials to others, the simple truth is that learning in person from a grandmaster. In the words of Tevia himself:

“The only way they can truly understand the depth of this Qigong and really have it is to come for live instruction. This is the most comprehensive program I have seen anywhere for Daoist Medical Qigong.”


What can I expect?

Completing your training in the White Tiger accommodation, you’ll enjoy 5 element style Thai cooking daily during your training and learn the secrets of White Tiger Qigong. Not only will you receive personal live instruction and correction from Tevia and his instructors, you’ll be learning these ancient arts in the same lands, forests, and mountains that masters created and perfected these arts.

Learning alongside fellow students, realizing their human potential alongside each other, students tend to form strong bonds during these courses. The journey to mastery needn’t be one walked alone; many students leave with friendships and relationships that last a lifetime.


Learning in person

Whilst learning remotely or by yourself will get you far, the reality is that the more in-depth details of Qigong forms simply cannot be taught remotely. You’ll receive much more in-depth theory, be able to ask questions and understand how to prescribe Qigong and learn how to teach it.

But perhaps the greatest reward for completing your teacher training will be to receive personal instruction from a world-renowned master and devotee of the art. In Feng’s own words:

“Sharing what I love with others, I have seen people’s lives change from these training courses. Working with them hands-on, watching them go through incredible transformational changes, heal and discover their maximum potential is deeply inspiring.”

If you’d like to learn more about the next Teacher Training course, just click here to check out our events page or apply directly on the form below.

This small step may be the key to realizing your latent potential and living the life you were meant to lead. 


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