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Unleash Your True Inner Potential: Experience White Tiger Qigong in Thailand

Category: Date: 18 October 2019 Comments: 0

The secrets of the ancient practice of Qigong have been long coveted and respected by those who seek mental, physical, and emotional improvement. The benefits of Qigong are many, including sharpened focus, improved relaxation, flexibility, and strength, and increased range of motion and stamina. If you want to explore this ancient practice further and tap into treasures of deep, dynamic movements, postures, and breathing techniques, then the Medical Qigong Intensive: 5 Animal Qigong (Module A) course in Thailand is an excellent way to achieve that worthy end.

Taught primarily by White Tiger Qigong Master Instructor Tevia Feng, this 5 Animal Qigong training event will introduce you not only to ancient Taoist Qigong practices and Chineses medicine but also a  blend of modern teachings, from fascia and anatomy to modern sports science. Of course, there is plenty of information regarding the practices and postures of Qigong, online and in books that span centuries of masters and students, including these ebooks by White Tiger Qigong; however, the best way to attain a true comprehension of and appreciation for Qigong is by learning directly from a master instructor. 

The Five Animals of Qigong

For White Tiger Qigong, five animals are integral to its practice: Tiger, Bear, Monkey, Deer, and Crane. Each animal relates to one of the five elements and organs, which respectively informs the postures and benefits from each of them. In the first week of the White Tiger Medical Qigong (Module A) intensive course, Master Instructor Feng will introduce you to ten fundamental forms, two for each of the five animals: 

  • Tiger
    Related to the metal element and the lungs, Tiger movements are strong with a downwards direction that turns grief into courage and joy.
  • Bear
    Related to the earth and the spleen, Bear movements are robust and deeply-rooted in the ground, summoning the solid and nurturing aspects of the fertile earth. Bear improves digestion and releases anxiety.
  • Monkey
    Related to the wood element and the liver, Monkey focuses on transforming anger into forgiveness and joy. Playful movements strengthen the back, shoulders, and neck, and releases the liver’s energy flow.
  • Deer
    Related to water and the kidneys and bladder, Deer movements undulate from low to high with exceeding grace and courage like the waves of the sea. Deer relieves lower back pain and improves willpower and libido.
  • Crane
    Related to fire and the heart, Crane movements expand and rise like warm, tranquil, and licking flames. Crane strengthens the legs and back and opens up the chest to improve blood flow.

Focus on Body-Breath-Spirit with the Five Animals of Qigong

When & Where:

The White Tiger Medical Qigong Intensive: 5 Animal Qigong Course (Module A) is an extraordinary event taking place from December 2, 2019, to December 14, 2019, at the restful Tao Garden in Luang Nua, Doi Saket, Thailand

  • For the first week, you will focus primarily on the body. As such, the learning will center around the structure and make-up of Qigong. You will learn the ten animal forms, stretches, fundamental breathing techniques, as well as the philosophy and history of Qigong practices. 
  • The second week will concentrate on the inner alchemy of the practice through breathing. Breath is an essential aspect of White Tiger Qigong and will be integrated into your animal movements.
    NOTE: This is the end of the two-week course for those not wishing to pursue an instructor’s certification.
  • For students who enroll in the third week (December 15-21), the element of spirit is the theme. This week’s practice will go deeper, incorporating essential breathing and meditation techniques. This week also includes the necessary practical and theoretical elements for White Tiger Qigong Instructor’s Certification. 

Practicing with a Qigong master instructor is an experience like no other, and this White Tiger course in Thailand is guaranteed to provide you with the building blocks integral to pursuing the practice further and eventually moving towards instructing others. To learn more about the introductory weeks of Master Instructor Tevia Feng’ Medical QiGong Intensive: 5 Animal Qigong (Module A), click here and enroll today. 

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