Trinity System Fascia

Does your Qigong practice include your fascia?

Your Qigong and movement practice will never be the same once you learn how your body is really organized.

Today described as ‘NEW’, few people know fascia has been in plain sight and overlooked for hundreds of years. To this day, medical education does not cover the extent to which fascia influences our life and movement.

This course sets you up with the essential knowledge for BETTER PRACTICE and EXERCISE.

NEW DEVELOPMENTS keep changing our reality.

Fascia revolutionizes the way we understand MOVEMENT, STRENGTH, and SUPPORT OF THE BODY.

It’s time to upgrade your KNOWLEDGE, PREVENT INJURY and MOVE EASIER.

Expanded body awareness

Discover greater mobility

Build increased stability

After this course, you can apply it directly to White Tiger Qigong for ultimate health and healing.
Each Qigong system of the Trinity System’s online courses contain individualized
fascia lessons through which you can apply this knowledge.

Discover the Sports Science of fascia with the
White Tiger Qigong Trinity System’s Fascia Course.
This an in-depth course on the fascia, taught by a world-renowned
naturopath with a specialization in anatomy and fascia,
Chris Kummer.

Course content includes

*This course is a prerequisite for our Prescription Qigong course
$ 45
  • What is fascia?
  • Components of fascia tissue
  • How to keep fascia healthy
  • Make your fascia work for you
  • How fascia behaves when moving or stretching
  • How fascia behaves when moving or stretching
  • Components of fascia tissue
  • Tensegrity - the human body as a fascia directed structure
  • Fascia organization
  • Fascia force transmission pathways
  • Stretching, movement and fascia length changes
  • Fascia in Qigong and martial arts