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Three Levels of Relaxation in Qigong practice

Category: Date: 12 December 2016 Comments: 0

The ability to relax is one of the major keys to success in Qigong training practice. When you are relaxed, all your channels are open. Then, the Qi can flow freely throughout the whole body, and you can use this energy to heal your organs. Therefore, the main secret of achieving longevity is learning how to deeply relax.

There are three levels of relaxation that you can achieve with Qigong training practice:

  • 1. Physical Relaxation
  • 2. Relaxation of the muscles and meridians
  • 3. Relaxation of the internal organs and finally the bones

You should gradually move from physical relaxation to relaxation of the bones, until you achieve a complete relaxation of the whole body.

Physical Relaxation

Physical relaxation is relaxation in your posture. This is the first and the easiest level, which almost every student can achieve during their Qigong training practice. However, in order to relax your body, you should first calm your emotional mind. We have already been talking about the importance of mastering the mind in another article. You can refer to this article to learn some methods of stopping the thoughts, while we will move on with two other levels of relaxation.

Relaxation of The Muscles and Meridians

The second level is relaxation of muscles and meridians. You have reached this level, when you feel the flow of the Qi energy throughout your muscles and meridians. With the power of your mind you can then direct this energy to the Lower Dan Tian, where it can be stored.

Relaxation of The Internal Organs and The Bones

The last level of relaxation is reached, when you are able to relax your internal organs and finally the bones. Organ Medical Qigong training practice helps to achieve this level. It teaches how to sense your five main organs – lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and spleen – while practicing five animal Qigong training forms. Once you can feel these organs, you learn how to relax them completely, and, then, direct the Qi over there during the Zhan Zhuang practice. It is advised to do this in the following order:

  • 1. Lungs – easiest to sense
  • 2. Heart – sense it beating
  • 3. Kidneys – easier to sense than liver and spleen because it contains liquid
  • 4. Liver – the organ is bigger than spleen
  • 5. Spleen

Once you are able to relax the organs, the last step is learning how to relax the bones. This may take more effort and time. However, once you reach this last step, you will be able to feel the Qi flowing through every cell of your body. The connection with your body will achieve the level, at which you can adjust internal problems and disorders by directing healing Qi over there.

Thus, practicing deep relaxation will allow you better protecting your organism and promoting its longevity. If you want to learn how to direct the flow of the Qi freely within your body, while experiencing all three levels of relaxation, join us for the upcoming Dynamic 5 Animal Flow Medical Qigong training this February 2017.

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