Three Areas of Focus in Medical Qigong


The essence of Qigong is to harmonize the mind, body and spirit to achieve great physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The category of Qigong that deals with this aspect of seeking balance, optimal health and a relaxed mind and spirits is called Medical Qigong. I call it functional Qigong, because you get tangible results and benefits right away. It has been an integral part of Chinese Medicine since the ancient times. The benefits of Medical Qigong are widespread. This is very much proven in the fact that every year, a large number of students from the West enroll for Medical Qigong training program at White Tiger Qigong. There are literally hundreds of systems of Medical Qigong and not all are the same. White Tiger Medical Qigong is Traditional Medical Qigong exercises harmonized with Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles, Sports Science, Muscle Fascia and Modern Anatomy. Let’s get to know about the three main areas of focus in this practice. White Tiger Qigong works in 3 phases- Heal-Transform-Maximum Human Potential.

Here are Three Ways White Tiger Medical Qigong can offer balanced health, emotions and spirit.



Take a deep breath. Expel out all the negative emotions like, fear, stress, anger and depression. The aim is to drive out the stagnant Qi energy from all the internal organs, prepare your body to absorb the benefits of this practice and start the natural healing process of the body. You need to cleanse the body and purify the mind out of all the negativities. At White Tiger Qigong, we train students on Throwing Away the Trash exercise. As the name suggests, it is all about throwing away the toxins and negative emotions blocked inside you.

Tip – Take at least six long, quiet and thin breaths. Try to feel the six healing sounds which is the purpose of every Qigong breathing and meditation practice.




Concentrate on circulating your Qi energy throughout the mind, body and breath. Here, the aim is to loosen and massage the internal organs, open the meridians and harmonize the three Dan Tians. This helps to address the different physical and mental problems, such as digestive issues, back injuries, anxiety, frequent mood swings and more.

The Dragon Whips Its Tail is one of the Medical Qigong exercises that is practiced to awaken the 3 Dan Tians, circulate the Qi energy and, balance and massage the internal organs. The twisting of arms, wrists and shoulders opens the meridians and boosts lung, liver and kidney function.




Feel and observe the changes in yourself, and bring your body back into balance. It is important to be familiar with how your mind and body has been influenced by the Medical Qigong exercises.


We teach our students to conclude their Qigong practice with standing Qigong or Zhan Zhuang. It is an exercise we use to stop and check in with our body, to tune in to what is happening and observe the changes that are happening after each Qigong exercise and upon completion. Focus on taking deep breaths deep into the lower belly. Focus on a small pink pearl expanding with each inhalation and condensing with each exhalation. This is packing the Qi deep into the lower Dan Tian which is an energetic storage center. There are more advanced exercises that are taught in progressive succession. Focusing on complete relaxation is key.

White Tiger Qigong’s Medical Qigong training program is open to all levels of practitioner. Our courses are designed for both beginner and advanced Qigong practitioners. What sets us apart is that at White Tiger Qigong, a learner gets the opportunity to blend rich theoretical knowledge and advanced practice of Medical Qigong, applied Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, sports science, the latest muscle fascia research and modern anatomy. We also offer comprehensive course on Qigong breathing and meditation.

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