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The 8 Benefits of Snake Qigong

Category: Date: 23 January 2013 Comments: 0

In our Baguazhang school of Qigong in Bali we teach the 8 Animals Qigong System. Last week I spoke about the first of the 8 Animals, Lion Qigong. In this article we will discuss the various benefits of Snake Qigong.

In this complete system of Taoist Qigong there is the 8 Animals Qigong set. Each animal has different effects on different internal organs, different spiritual aspects and relations to Qi of the body. In the Qigong set of the Snake, we learn how to mimic the movements of the snake to massage and stimulate the kidney area, bladder as well as the intestines. The twisting deep coiling aids in elimination through natural intestinal massage. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidneys are related with fear and lack of will power. Through the deep twisting and coiling techniques of the Snake you build kidney Qi, move Qi stagnant Kidney Qi, transform your emotions of fear which will also bring rise to your willpower. In addition it massages your internal kidneys and other organs. We use Snake Qigong with a variety of stances, each providing a new way of stretch. When we use it with circle walking we can build high levels of Qi in the kidneys. Each of the 8 Animals in our Qigong system are related to a specific trigram in the ancient Taoist text of the iChing. In the iChing the trigram Kan is the form of Water.  The Kan form is that of the center being full. Yang falls into the center of Yin. The snake’s nature is very clever and nimble. It is very active. It has the ability to part grass. In this form the outside is soft and flowing and the inside is hard and strong. This form has the dan tian full of qi. Inside and outside are like water, curving and flowing. There are no cracks that it cannot enter. Through the Snake Qigong you will learn how to make your body more nimble, moving and flowing in ways you never knew the body could flow. You will transform your emotions.

8 Benefits of Snake Qigong

  1. Stimulate and massage the kidneys and bladder
  2. Improve digestion
  3. Aids in elimination
  4. Overcome fear
  5. Increase will power
  6. Increase energy
  7. Promote deep levels of circulation
  8. Develop Strength, Balance & Flexibility


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