Stand For Standing Rock – The Power Of Collective Qigong

Right now we are facing the biggest potential catastrophe in human history, climate change. Despite this, the US government lends it’s strong arm of the law to remove peaceful protesters with tear gas, concussion grenades, rubber bullets, high power cold water hoses in subzero temperatures and the list goes on. All in the name of big oil and big profits at the expense of you, me and everything we cherish. This not only threatens the safe drinking water of over 18 million people but to the desecration of sacred lands and a people who have been beaten nearly to extinction in order to help a massive oil company benefit worth billions of dollars.


The power of collective Qigong is a force to be reckoned with. It has been utilized by groups for generations for specific purposes. Some altruistic, some politically motivated.


When I was deep in the mountains in China, I was introduced to a reclusive monk who lived by himself, growing all his own food, even his own tea. Despite being far removed from society, he could feel it what was happening on such a deep level. Usually when I meet a master, they want to teach me about philosophy or something like that, not this monk. He had a dire warning to share. He told me we are facing great disaster amongst humanity and our planet if we don’t do something right away. You need to spread the message of what is happening and help lead the change.” I felt a personal obligation to that monk and also to my mother earth to share the power that we all have inside that can bring about great changes in the most critical time of human history.

For me, Qigong is not about reaching spiritual enlightenment and then all is good. It is about removing the masks we have put on our faces over the years. It is about getting out of the matrix of the body, mind and spirit. Once you are out you can see clearly through the illusion that has been set up for us. Like the rat that was born in the cage, it never even realized it was caged, because that was all it knew.

You must first find who you are, once you find your true self, then you must cultivate, find your well spring of hidden power and then share for the benefit of humanity and our earth.

In collective Standing Qigong practice, we harmonize our breath as one breath. We harmonize our body with the same position in stillness. We focus our spirit which harnesses our intention into a single thought. That single thought is what we want – a beautiful and protected Standing Rock.

Breathe in the fresh air, breathe out the toxic energy until it dissipates.


White Tiger Qigong Stands With Standing Rock, supporting our brothers and sisters who stand for a new future that is not controlled by big business, environmentally destructive monsters whose only aim is to fill their coffers at the expense of us and our beautiful mother earth.

Live Collective Standing Qigong Event

On January 1st at 12pm-12:30pm Thailand time, we will be doing a live standing Qigong practice for Standing Rock. We will air it live on Facebook and invite you to join us. Please stand with us and unite our breath, body and spirit into one.

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