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Tamara Miler

Course: Date: 21 May 2024 Comments: Comments Off on Tamara Miler
I am Tamara Miler, a yoga teacher and life coach with a BA in Psychology, and I have also been a swimmer for 18 years. As an athlete who once prioritized results over emotional and physical needs, I am now particularly drawn to helping women experience their emotions by accepting and releasing them, as Qigong teaches, rather than repressing and avoiding them. As a yoga teacher, I had experienced deep embodiment before. However, it was Qigong that profoundly enhanced my understanding of my being within the world. Since I started practicing Qigong, my awareness of the body has deepened and my awareness of my being has expanded.
While some might view Qigong as very ‘woo-woo’ thing, WTQG transcends these perceptions, embodying the science of living and being. As an ancient Daoist medical practice integrated with modern science, it offers a fresh perspective and underscores the importance of spreading this practice and knowledge globally. This fusion of different approaches was one of the main reasons I joined the course.
WTQG is grounded in a strong foundation and a compassionate community committed to authenticity and excellence, making it an exceptional starting point for those seeking their place in the world. And I am very grateful to have came across Tevia, the WTQG community and their instructors. Their dedication to making the world a better place is genuinely inspiring.

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