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Event Starts on November 28, 2022

Qigong Teacher Training (November 28 - December 17, 2022)

5 Animal Qigong Master Course in Vietnam

Discover Ancient Taoist Qigong and Cutting Edge Science to achieve emotional balance, ultimate mobility, and peak performance at an ideal mindfulness getaway destination

Choose Your Own Adventure... 1, 2, or 3 weeks of training

Qigong Teacher Training in Vietnam
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Event Begins November 28, 2022. DON'T MISS OUT... SAVE YOUR SPOT TODAY!

This one-of-a-kind master training and teacher training provides a proven path to Qigong mastery for emotional balance, ultimate mobility and peak performance. Sign up today! Space is limited to 30 people max!

& Pricing

In this 5 Animal Qigong (Summer Forms), you will be learning: Tiger, Deer, Monkey, Bear and Crane. There are 2 variations of each animal in this in-person training in Vietnam.

Choose 1, 2, or 3 weeks of training beginning November 28th.

We encourage you to complete all three weeks of this training to really go in-depth. The training follows the Body-Breath-Spirit principle. This means you will learn the sequence of the forms in week 1, adding Qi and the breath in week 2, and gaining proficiency as well as study the theory and practice needed for your teacher certification in week 3.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion for each week attended.

If you want to become a Certified White Tiger Instructor, you will need to:

  1. complete all three weeks of training ( more than 120 hours – theory, practice & self-study),
  2. complete an additional 30 hours of self-study/practice post-training,
  3. then take an at-home test as well as submit your forms for video analysis.

By undertaking this 3-week course plus at-home study & practice you will have completed 150 hours of training.

Week 1 : Body| Nov 28-Dec 3

In Level/week 1, you will focus on learning the sequence and checkpoints of the 5 Animal forms along with Level 1 Qigong theory and Breathwork.

  • 10 Ancient Forms of Qigong linked with the 5 Elements:
    • Tiger 
    • Deer
    • Monkey
    • Bear
    • Crane
  • 2 Variations of each animal for a total of 10 forms.
  • Meridian Qigong
  • Special Stretches for Forms
  • Zhan Zhuang (Standing Qigong)
  • Qigong Fundamentals
  • History of Qigong and Medical Qigong
  • 3 Treasures
  • Taoist Philosophy
  • Styles of Qigong (Medical, Spiritual, Martial)
  • Primordial Breath Level I
  • 3 Stage Balloon Breathing
  • 4 Gate Breathing
  • 10 Ancient Forms of Qigong
  • 5 Animal Qigong e-Book
  • Meridian Qigong Warm-ups
  • Inner Alchemy Training
  • Modern Fascia Research and Its Application to Qigong
  • Chinese Medicine and Its Application to Qigong
  • Access to an exclusive online community for WTQ students only
  • 2 months of Free Membership in the online Masterclass ($40 value)

Week 2 : Breath | Dec 5-10

In week 2, you understand how to feel and move the Qi with each form, fusing a cutting-edge sports science framework for understanding Qi. You will go deeper into 4 Gate Breathing, 5 Element Theory, Meridian theory and fascia’s applications to this Qigong.

  • 5 Animal Qigong Forms fused with a sports science framework for feeling and moving Qi
  • 4 Gate Circulation Form
  • Primordial Breath Level 2
  • Golden Elixir Qigong
  • White Tiger Breath Qigong
  • Chinese Medicine Theory and Qigong
  • Principles of the Form
  • 5 Element Theory
  • Meridian Theory and Science
  • Fascia and Its Applications to this Qigong
  • 5 Element Theory Applied to the Qigong
  • Anatomy of the Forms
  • Kinetic Chains and Qigong
  • Everything in Level 1 plus:
  • Primordial Breath Level II
  • Golden Elixir Breath
  • Skin Breathing
  • Strengthening the Wei Qi (Guardian Qi) Shield
  • A secret Qigong Breathing technique only taught in person
  • Access to an exclusive online community for WTQ students only
  • 2 months of Free Membership in the online Masterclass ($40 value)

Week 3: Spirit
Qigong Teacher Training | Dec 12-17

In week 3, you will gain proficiency by adding the element of spirit to your practice using the 5 Elements and Animals. We will also be going deeper with breathing and meditation techniques. This week includes theory and practical elements required for your Teacher Certification. This is the week the Teacher Training really begins. You will have gained confidence in your practice and have learned the fine details of each form. You will do a video analysis of your forms, as well as practice to teach in small groups.

In this course you will learn how to prescribe Qigong using modern sports science frameworks of fascia, and sports medicine. You will also learn how to prescribe Qigong using Chinese Medicine frameworks.

  • Qigong by Prescription – for body pain.
  • Qigong by Prescription for Emotional Balance
  • Applied Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory to Qigong for:
    • Chronic illness
    • High and low blood pressure
    • Imbalances
    • Much more!

This program was developed alongside leading professional education experts from Harvard and Stanford University.

  • How to Teach Qigong Forms
  • Students Teach Mock Classes
  • How to create niche workshops
  • How to Run Your Own Qigong School
  • Video Analysis
  • Everything in Levels 1+2 plus:
  • 5 Animal Qigong Online Course ($149 value)
  • 200 Hours Training (Including at home study)
  • Teacher training manual PDF (80+ pages)
  • 5 Animal Qigong e-Book ($20 Value)
  • Meridian Qigong Exercises
  • Secret in-person only Qigong Breathing technique
  • Free Trial Membership in Qigong Mastermind Group ($40 value)
  • 2 months of Free Membership in the online Masterclass ($40 value)
  • Over $650 in Free Gifts
  • Access to an exclusive online community for WTQ students only
After three amazing and intensive weeks in Thailand, I have finally completed my level 3 training in White Tiger Qigong. A HUGE thank you goes to Shifu Tevia Feng for his guidance and willingness to pass on his VAST knowledge to better the quality of everyone's life through the practice and teachings of Qigong. This was an incredibly enriching and life changing experience.
Sylwester Organka
Sylwester Oganka
Martial Arts School Owner -- Canada

Accommodation & Food

Alba Wellness Resort and Hot Springs, Hue, Vietnam

Nestled in the foothills of the Thanh Tan mountain range, just a short drive from the ancient citadel of Hue, sits Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion, a haven of tranquility and the ultimate destination for physical and mental wellbeing.

Home to mineral rich hot springs, Japanese Onsen baths, landscaped gardens, and fragrant eucalyptus plantations, this sanctuary of serenity offers both simple and luxury accommodation and the perfect environment to relax and recharge in a setting completely at harmony with nature. Alba has its own organic farm to provide for both Vietnamese and Western cuisine.

Check the directions here.


A discount of 25% off will be applied if you book a minimum of 13 nights automatically.

Room sharing is available upon request to

Accommodation and food is not included in the tuition fee.

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A word from the
Master Instructor
Tevia Feng

Hi, I am Tevia Feng, Founder of White Tiger Qigong. I will be leading the Medical Qigong Master Course and Teacher Training: 5 Animal Qigong (Summer Forms) in Vietnam in November.

I have spent more than 3 decades studying Qigong with different masters. I have also fused ancient Taoist Qigong with cutting edge science over the last ten years by working with neuroscientists, and sports science experts along with professional education experts from Harvard and Stanford University to create the most advanced and comprehensive Qigong course today.

When you come to study with me in November, I will ensure you have one of the most profound and unforgettable Qigong experience of your life. I will be sharing ancient techniques that you can easily assimilate and gain a deep understanding of.

It is my vision to help guide you into finding your own healing, and transformation, and discovering your true potential from within. I hope you will join me on this journey. It would be an honor to have you join my course and share with you my lifelong experience and knowledge of this sacred practice.

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