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Is it really possible to relieve back pain quickly and in under 10 minutes? There are a lot of ways to relieve back pain and get help on the internet. Some are promising than others. More than 85% of people who worked long hours in front of the computer, experience this. The most go-to relief are over-the-counter meds that are readily available. But is it really safe? According to the American Addiction Centers prolonged use of painkillers can lead to drug dependency syndrome and later addiction. Scary but true! Painkillers are the first in line that gives quick responses to severe pain. However, there are natural ways to relieve pain, specifically upper back pain. Qigong for back pain can help and quickly relieve in a few minutes.

back pain

How to tell you have back pain?

We are all familiar with the pain, the pulsating, sometimes numbing and debilitating. However, doctors need to check out different procedures and tests to determine the severity and the source. Before we dig into quickly relieving back pain with Qigong, here are some tests that a common patient would go through in the hospital.

Electromyography (EMG) This is a procedure where doctors measure electrical impulses and the activity of the nerves in the muscles. It can check if the nerve is working well and has no compression. In cases where there is compression, the disks herniate or make the spinal canal narrows, this is called spinal stenosis.

X-ray is a procedure where electromagnetic waves create pictures inside the body. Because different tissues absorb different amounts of radiation, this forms a silhouette of the organs and bones of the body. However, the images won’t show problems with your spinal cord, muscles, nerves, or disks but rather the density of your bone, structure, and overall health of the bone. This helps doctors to assess whether and why you are experiencing back pain.

MRI or CT scans. These scans are like HD versions of X-rays but can show images that may help see herniated disks, muscular anomalies, problems with bones, tumors, tissue, tendons, nerves, ligaments, and blood vessels. In rare cases, doctors may require Bone Scans to help them see and/or rule out tumors, the density, or compactness of your bones.

Does Qigong Relieve Back pain quickly?

back pain relief

There are different natural treatment plans available for pain management, not just for back pain. Doctors can assess whether you are in for a quick or long treatment plan after they get results from one or more tests mentioned above. The quickest and easy solution is OTC (over-the-counter) meds or prescription drugs to reduce, manage and control pain. However, there are natural ways of healing and relieving back and body pain.

  • Massages – Over worked muscles can be painful and a good massage is a good remedy to ease as well as any body pain.
  • Chiropractic treatment -Misalignments of the muscuskeletal area and tensed muscles can be painful too and a trip to a chiro can do wonders especially when managing chronic pain.
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) – This is a battery-powered device that delivers electrical impulses to the affected area that stimulates the nerves and flushes fresh blood supply all over the tensed area.
  • Acupuncture –  This is when an acupuncture practitioner inserts thin sterilized needles into the surface of the skin at specific accupuncture points in the body. Accupuncture has been proven to minimize pain and control episodes of bolting pain shocks.
  • Stretches and exercise – Good stretches can relieve pain when done properly. Activities like Qigong can help relieve, reduce and manage back pain. Soft, dynamic exercises like 8 Trigram is very effective in opening blockages.

Are there Qigong exercises that relieves back pain quickly?

White Tiger Qigong can help with the overall management, prevention, and holistic approach. Here are some Qigong forms that will help relieve back pain quickly.

  • The Dragon – The Dragon from 5 Elements Qigong is one of the most effective exercises for lower back pain and soreness
  • Crane – Embody the free spirit of the majestic crane whilst deeply building your strength and balance. The twisting motion of this exercise from the 5 Animals Qigong ebook activates muscles and joints in your legs and down the sides of your torso, creating strong leg stability in all four of its major muscle groups. This is a great deep stretch for runners, especially.
  • The wave or the Dragon Back – this is what a series of soft movement of the back as what you can see on the link.
  • Leopard – is a deep full-body stretch and meditation technique combined – activating the arms, legs, and sides of the torso. 

Do these practices and you will be managing back pain quickly with qigong and at the comfort of your home.

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